Many Vancouver businesses are hiring independent contractors or in-house cleaners, as it may appear to be a more affordable solution. Outsourcing commercial cleaning services to an independent cleaning contractor may be risky, as liability, quality, and security are not guaranteed. In addition, an independent contractor may fall ill or be unable to provide the same resources as a professional commercial cleaning company. Don’t let an unreliable, outsourced independent contractor waste valuable time, effort, money, and resources. Hire Clean Green Solutions, a Vancouver-based, family-owned commercial cleaning company, for personalized care, layers of communication, a tailored cleaning schedule, and the ability to meet all cleaning challenges or requests.

Clean Green Solutions is a one-stop shop. They are experienced and can handle all your commercial cleaning needs. Management takes care of all the responsibility – from coordinating everything related to cleaning to creating a seamless process, and ensuring your organization’s cleaning expectations are exceeded. They remove the stress of managing cleaners, so you can focus on work and perform your best in a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

Clean Green focuses on all aspects of cleaning – from commercial office cleaning to carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, and window cleaning. Their business is built from the ground up and is celebrating its first decade in business this year. Unlike an independent franchise with different standard operating procedures, Clean Green’s staff are vetted, trained, and insured and work directly for their organization. They take pride in building strong relationships and fostering communication with their customers, as their goal is to work for your company and become a member of your team.

Personalized Cleaning Experience 

Hiring a local, family-owned commercial cleaning company provides a personalized experience. It allows you to establish relationships with your assigned cleaners and communicate directly with management should you have any specific requests or additional information to share. Staff perform cleaning based on a detailed cleaning schedule tailored to each office space. Clients, staff, and management set and follow similar expectations and build these guidelines together during the initial walkthrough orientation process. These measures have helped Clean Green Solutions receive glowing reviews and enhance their relationships with clients and staff, as they create guidelines and work together cohesively to achieve customer and staff satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Service

Working with an independent contractor can cause more headaches than necessary. They may not have an emergency contact procedure, lack strong communication skills, or have poor quality control methods. Independent contractors are consistently overworked and understaffed and may not have the resources to complete cleaning tasks effectively or assist when additional services are needed.

Clean Green Solutions’ communication layers – from ownership to account management, staff supervision, and cleaning personnel, assist in achieving a high standard of enhanced customer service and an outstanding reputation among Vancouver businesses.

Clear Communication 

Communication is crucial when working with a commercial cleaning company. Clean Green Solutions believes it is an essential ingredient to encouraging client relationship management and ensuring all tasks are performed as per client request. Communicating freely with your cleaners without feeling like a burden is beneficial.

Quality Control

Cleaning consistency is critical for creating a safe and healthy workplace. Hiring a reputable cleaning company with experience and a good track record can set your business apart from competitors. Hire a local, family-owned cleaning company to ensure the highest standard.

Vancouver’s Premier Office & Commercial Cleaning Company

Clean Green Solutions is a local, family-owned business run by two brothers. It started as a small cleaning business and has grown into a well-known cleaning company serving offices and commercial spaces across Vancouver and Richmond, BC. They pride themselves in offering quality eco-friendly office cleaning services. Clean Green Solutions has an extensive hiring process and offers thorough training, quality eco-cleaning products, and a detailed checklist system to prevent shortcuts. Trust Clean Green Solutions to maintain your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Call (604) 644-8540 to request a free quote for your business today!