Take advantage of summer hours, fewer staff, and the nice weather by scheduling upholstery cleaning for your office or commercial space. There is a lot of downtime during the summertime, making it the ideal time to cross off essential cleaning tasks put on hold. Here are a few benefits to booking office upholstery cleaning during the summer.

Fewer People in the Office

It can be challenging to clean around the hustle and bustle of staff, customers, clients, and office pets. Not allowing ample drying time can cause office upholstery to look dirtier than its original condition. Avoid hiring an office cleaning company to do the same job twice by scheduling your business’s upholstery cleaning during the summer. Fewer people allow an office cleaner to steam clean efficiently and guarantee a thorough job.

Less Exposure to Chemicals

Whether steam cleaning with water, eco-friendly cleaning products, or chemical cleaners, exposure to cleaning products should be minimal. Poor airflow can cause headaches, trigger asthma and allergies, and negatively affect the ability to focus. Upholstery cleaning during the summer allows for better air circulation and reduces disruptions.

Eliminate Allergens

Office upholstery harbour dust, debris, pet dander, and allergens and can aggravate allergies and asthma. It is vital to eliminate allergens during the summer with a detailed upholstery deep clean to avoid summer allergies from taking over the workplace. Pet-friendly offices are susceptible to stale odours, stains, and chronic allergies and require upholstery cleaning regularly.

Better Drying Time

Office upholstery requires ample drying time to ensure effectiveness. During certain times of the year, fans and other machinery are necessary to speed up the drying process. The summertime allows for better upholstery drying time due to improved airflow with windows and doors propped open and increased fan use.

Remove Visible Stains

Long summer days improve lighting conditions and brighten up a space. Natural light makes upholstery stains easily visible and can create an unpleasant first impression and reflect poorly on a business. Upholstery cleaning during the summer enhances brand image and keeps office upholstery looking its best.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odours

Warm indoor temperatures cause sweating and increased odours. Additional body moisture causes office upholstery to smell musty during the summer. Regular deodorizing is essential to prevent a build-up of stale odours from overpowering.

Book A Summer Office Deep Clean

Don’t lower your cleaning standards this summer. Give your business a deep clean to keep your office smelling fresh and avoid workplace illness. Clean Green Solutions provides eco office cleaning services for all your cleaning needs. From upholstery cleaning to window cleaning and even commercial pressure washing, their office cleaning professionals are here to maintain your business to the highest standard without the harmful effects of chemicals. Switch to Clean Green Solutions! Minimize cleaning mishaps, poor cleaning quality, and cleaning chemical exposure by scheduling a free in-person quote with someone from their team today.