The holiday season is a busy time of year at the office. December is the perfect time to get organized, schedule a deep clean, and focus on setting the tone for the New Year. These 5 cleaning tips will help you prepare for the holiday season and ensure your office is sparkling clean for the New Year.


1. Don’t Let Garbage & Recycling Overflow


Holiday parties, gift wrap, drink spills, half-eaten snacks, and increased foot traffic can cause an overflow of garbage and recycling. An overflow can lead to unwanted pests, unpleasant smells, and create a lack of focus and productivity. Ensure your Vancouver office cleaners know where garbage and recycling bins are located and make sure they are being emptied more frequently. This will prevent garbage and recycling from building up.


2. Clean Out the Fridge


Leftover food from staff and events create a mess in the office fridge. Stale odours, sticky messes, curdled milk, and mouldy food can create quite the disaster, attract pests, and leave the office smelling unpleasant. Prevent unnecessary chaos during the holidays by doing a full deep clean of the office fridge. Cleaning tasks include wiping the interior and exterior of the fridge, defrosting the freezer, wiping down all bottles and jars, throwing out old food, and completing a full sanitization. 


3. Focus on the Bathrooms


Office bathrooms can be a disaster during the holiday season. It is important to clean often to prevent messes and safety hazards. Create an inviting space with air fresheners and fresh flowers. Pay extra attention to countertops, toilets, supplies, floors, and garbage bins.


4. Schedule A Deep Clean


After the festivities are over and everyone breaks for the holidays, it is crucial to schedule a deep clean. Deep cleans include vacuuming, mopping, floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, sanitization, upholstery cleaning, kitchen appliance polishing, high surface and baseboard dusting, and other detailing services.


5. Make Sanitization A Priority


Sanitizing after the holidays is beneficial for preventing illness and creating a clean, healthy work environment. Focus on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, and other major touchpoints.

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