Scheduling window cleaning during the fall/winter may not seem practical, but it is advantageous for prolonging lifespan. Office window cleaning is recommended all year round. Routine window care helps spot any damage before it becomes an issue, removes dirt buildup, enhances indoor light, and contributes to a positive brand image. Create a lasting impression with clients, customers, and guests with a consistent commercial window cleaning schedule.

Prolongs Repairs

Costly repairs can be avoided by cleaning, inspecting for damage, repairing weather stripping, and maintaining temperature and humidity regularly. Commercial windows are expensive to replace. Preventative cleaning is one of the best things you can do to ensure windows are in optimal health. Avoid using abrasive cleaning tools and acidic window cleaners, as they cause deterioration and cause windows to be more susceptible to cracks, chips, and discolouration.

Improves Curb Appeal

Dirty windows negatively impact brand image and can reflect poorly on management’s care. Ensuring windows are clean and clear all year round establishes a positive working environment and helps attract new customers. Winter can be a slow time for businesses, so creating a lasting first impression is crucial. During the holiday season, foot traffic is often heavier than usual, which makes it the perfect time to have your windows cleaned.

Boosts Mood

Natural light is advantageous during the winter when productivity is at its lowest. Workplaces that have ample light improve focus and create a welcoming atmosphere. Natural light also reduces energy costs by requiring fewer lights to be turned on during the daytime. Dirty windows minimize natural sunlight and block critical UV light, which is beneficial for reducing airborne bacteria and viruses during cold and flu season.

Prevent Dirt Build Up

Allowing dust, dirt, and grime to build up causes damage to office windows. Glass is very porous and absorbs whatever it comes into contact with. Lack of window care can weaken glass and cause it to degrade more quickly. Quarterly window cleaning is recommended to avoid irreversible damage.

Clean Windows All Year Round

Protect your businesses’ windows from everyday wear and tear all year round with Clean Green Solutions eco window cleaning solutions! Their team will help you create a tailored window cleaning schedule for your business to maximize longevity. Clean Green Solutions’ eco-friendly window cleaning prevents chemical damage caused by regular cleaning products and is much safer for human health. Their team specializes in cleaning businesses that are four storeys or less and uses tucker poles and lifts for the best possible clean. Give your retail store, law firm, or tech office windows the upkeep they need to survive winter. Call their window cleaning experts now for a free in-person quote.