Cold and rainy conditions make it challenging to keep the office clean. Prioritizing floors, communal areas, and high-touch surfaces is crucial to ensure a healthy workplace. Although many places around the office require upkeep, six are critical. Skip the headache and stress of maintaining your office and hire experienced office cleaners to handle all your business cleaning needs.

Commercial Floors

Wet, damp weather can make keeping office floors clean challenging. Routine floor care is vital for extending the lifespan of commercial floors. Low-maintenance floors such as epoxy, polished concrete, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, and engineered hardwood are ideal in busy office spaces. They can withstand everyday wear and tear more easily than other floor surfaces. Protect commercial floors from winter salt, de-icer, moisture, and mud by placing mats in high-traffic areas. Create a floor cleaning schedule to prevent damage.


Office receptions, lobbies, and waiting areas are germ hotspots all year round. Hard surfaces, office upholstery, water dispensers, tea kettles and coffee machines, door knobs, and other high-touch surfaces are a few areas that need extra care. Office disinfection and sanitization are highly beneficial during the winter for preventing illness and stopping the spread of bacteria and germs.

Office Bathrooms

Illness quickly spreads where bacteria and germs thrive. Bathroom partition walls, dispensers, door handles, toilet levers, and countertops are some of the dirtiest items in an office bathroom. Frequent maintenance throughout the day or day porter cleaning services during cold and flu season is beneficial for maintaining good hygiene.

Office Kitchens

Office kitchens are high-traffic areas during the winter. Increased holiday parties and events create additional mess and can take a toll on office kitchens. Routine upkeep minimizes rodents and pests, unpleasant odours, bacteria growth, and food-borne illness and ensures efficient appliances. It is best practice to remind staff of hygiene policies and perform a kitchen deep clean after the holidays to improve cleanliness.

Meeting Rooms

Face-to-face meetings increase workplace illness, especially during the winter when cold and flu season is at its peak. Reduce sick days by prioritizing cleaning, limiting shared items, and avoiding food and beverage consumption during meetings. For added protection during the winter, disinfect surfaces after meetings.

High-Touch Surfaces

Winter is a busy season for most Vancouver offices – from added traffic to events and staff holidays. With many people coming and going, paying extra attention to high-touch surfaces is beneficial. Every business varies; however, some common areas include elevator buttons, escalator handrails, door knobs/handles, telephones, desks, chairs, light switches, electronic equipment, cabinets/drawers, and kitchen appliances.

Keep Your Office Healthy This Winter

Create a healthier workplace with recurring office cleaning services. Consistent cleaning improves hygiene and boosts productivity when it matters most. Clean Green Solutions is here to provide comprehensive office cleaning services. Their staff are fully trained and have passed thorough background checks to ensure safety and confidentiality for every business they serve. Clean Green Solutions has experience cleaning retail stores, law firms, dental offices, commercial buildings, and other corporate facilities. Trust Clean Green Solutions with all of your office cleaning requests!