There are many benefits to scheduling commercial carpet cleaning services in the winter. Recurring carpet maintenance minimizes allergies and illness, keeps carpets looking their best, prevents pests from nesting, and reduces the need for repairs and maintenance. Keep your business carpets in good condition for years with regular floor care. Professional carpet cleaning services can help save your business time and money. Frequent floor care creates a positive brand image and increases employee and customer satisfaction.

Why Winter?

The winter causes additional wear and tear on commercial carpets due to increased moisture, exposure to winter salt, and frequent events and meetings. Maintaining carpets through the winter can be challenging without a carpet cleaning schedule in place. Retail shops, malls, and other high-traffic businesses need routine carpet cleaning to improve cleanliness, minimize moisture damage, and prolong lifespan. Companies that are slow during the winter benefit from a thorough carpet deep clean, as there is less foot traffic and fewer obstacles to work around.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Regular exposure to winter salt, de-icer, and chemical cleaning products increases deterioration and causes bleaching. Eco-friendly carpet cleaners have a low PH and are safe to use on all types of carpet fibres. They are better for the environment, do not contribute to pollution, and are safe for humans and pets. Businesses that schedule their cleaning during business hours don’t need to worry about strong chemical odours, as eco-friendly cleaners often have a fresh, subtle smell and do not irritate asthma or allergies. Eco-friendly carpet cleaners are efficient at removing stains and require little product to be effective, saving a business a lot of money over time.

Winter Carpet Cleaning Tips

Exterior cleaning is not often thought of in the wintertime but can assist in reducing dust, dirt, and debris from being tracked in, minimize safety hazards, and enhance curb appeal. Protect commercial carpets from exterior elements by cleaning often, utilizing mats, and spot cleaning as needed. Vacuum daily to eliminate allergens, dust, pests, and bacteria.

Choose Clean Green Solutions

Clean Green Solutions is the first choice for corporate carpet cleaning in Vancouver. Their carpet experts have experience cleaning commercial carpets of all types, and the best part is they use eco-friendly solutions. Unlike other Vancouver commercial carpet cleaning companies, Clean Green Solutions prioritizes quality, human health, and the environment without cutting corners. They also offer pet-friendly office carpet cleaning services that easily remove stubborn stains and odours. Minimize illness during cold and flu season with professional carpet cleaning services. Routine commercial floor maintenance reduces airborne diseases, bacteria, and allergens that may affect your business’s productivity and morale. Get in touch with their carpet cleaning team for a free quote and a game plan for ensuring the long-term health of your carpets.