Preventative cleaning involves consistent routine maintenance to establish cleanliness and prolong wear and tear. It is thorough and detailed and includes a variety of cleaning tasks, such as commercial floor care, bathroom deep cleaning, office sanitization/disinfection, and other detail-oriented cleaning tasks. Preventative cleaning is essential for businesses with heavy foot traffic, such as schools, malls, office buildings, and other large-scale facilities. Surface cleaning is not enough to sustain a commercial space. Deep cleaning is necessary to ensure optimal workplace health and safety.

Minimize Costly Repairs

Lack of upkeep makes cleaning tedious and can be a pricey business expense. Prolonged neglect causes irrevocable, permanent damage. Commercial floors, office furniture, and public bathrooms require occasional costly repairs and renovations. Regular care of these areas reduces depreciation and enhances efficiency.

Improve Efficiency

Offices and commercial spaces have electronic equipment, complex machinery, and HVAC systems that require routine maintenance to run efficiently. High surfaces should be a priority in factory and production facilities to sustain cleanliness. Cleaning before dusting guarantees a thorough clean, effectively removes debris and bacteria, and prevents dust from recirculating.

Prevent Mould & Mildew Growth

Mould and mildew are common in Vancouver offices due to high year-round humidity. Sustaining commercial windows, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas near water sources is beneficial for fending off moisture damage. Steam cleaning is excellent for office carpets and upholstery but must be appropriately utilized to avoid oversaturation. Repeated oversaturation increases mould and mildew growth, which can cause long-term health effects such as allergies, illness, and respiratory disease.

Create A Consistent Brand Image

Preventative cleaning establishes a positive brand image. It creates an inviting space for staff, customers, and guests and reflects the professionalism of management. When employee morale is high, potential clients are more likely to use your business because they believe in the quality of your products/services. Frequent workplace illness can create a poor brand image due to staff shortages. Long wait times, little assistance, and poor quality work can be a pain for clients/customers.

Cleaning affects all aspects of a business and is essential for success. Hiring a professional office cleaning company can help establish a clean and professional working environment and set your business apart from competitors. Create a recurring cleaning schedule that includes daily, seasonal, and deep cleaning services.

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