Going “green” goes beyond recycling a pop can or shredding old paperwork; it reflects a company’s morale and corporate culture. A sustainable business model has many benefits, including reduced operating costs, a positive public image, additional tax benefits, enhanced company attractiveness, and potential for growth and innovation. Becoming a more sustainable business requires a green plan from an operational level and a strategic roadmap.

When it comes to office cleaning, there are several eco-friendly practices we suggest. Here are a few recommendations to get started!

Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an excellent way to reduce energy costs and feature various portable and built-in touchless options. They can be used for lights, sink faucets, water fountains, doors, and hand sanitizer and soap dispensers. Hands-free sensors reduce high-touch points in large offices and commercial spaces, minimizing workplace illness.

Invest in an Automated HVAC System

Large office buildings often have complex HVAC systems, which can be a pain to maintain. Routine inspections and cleaning are crucial for efficiency. Automated HVAC systems are advantageous for businesses because they allow users to control settings through an online interface and quickly pinpoint leaks and other functionality issues. Although they can be costly, investing in an automated HVAC system can save time and money.

Implement Recycling & Composting

Businesses generate a lot of waste, which significantly impacts the environment. Recycling and composting can minimize waste exponentially, reduce pollution and climate change, and create a greener future. Enforcing a plastic-free policy for dishes and utensils is another excellent way to reduce environmental impact. It limits the number of times the office dishwasher is run and makes cleaning easier.

Go Paperless

A digital filing system prevents clutter from building up on office desks and conceals secure documents. In-house printing is a costly business expense that adds up quickly. With an electronic cloud-based CRM in place, a business can save thousands of dollars in printer ink, paper, and shredding services.

Buy Reusable/Refillable Office Supplies

Most office supplies are available in eco-friendly packaging, feature refillable options, or come in bulk. Purchasing reusable supplies is an easy way to implement sustainable practices without much effort. Save supplies orders until there is a large order rather than ordering as you go to minimize carbon emissions.

Hire Eco-Friendly Office Cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaning creates a healthier, sustainable office environment and is safer for office pets. Green cleaning requires fewer product for effectiveness, is made with zero-waste packaging, and features non-toxic ingredients that do not harm the environment or cause deterioration. Purchasing ethically sourced cleaning products contributes to company morale and creates brand trust.

At Clean Green Solutions, we care about the environment and our clients. We have implemented a green plan and are working towards reducing the impact of office cleaning through research, training, and reporting. Our commitment to a greener future can be found not only in our eco-friendly cleaning products but also in our actions. Go green with Clean Green Solutions! Visit our website to learn more about our green initiatives and book a free quote.