Spring is a popular time to schedule commercial window cleaning services for your business. The nice weather and longer days are ideal for preventing streaks and ensuring the best clean possible. Preparing the interior and exterior of your windows for commercial cleaners before their arrival is beneficial. Here are some tips from commercial window experts to ensure smooth and efficient clean.

Know the Location of Your Water Source

Window cleaning companies require a water source to clean exterior windows. They use a commercial pressure washer and a window cleaning solution to remove dirt, debris, and grime. Most commercial buildings will have a water hose hookup somewhere around the perimeter of the building. If you are unsure and cannot locate the water source, contact the building manager for further assistance. Leaving this task until the last minute can disrupt your workflow and may end up costing your business more money due to paying for additional time.

Put Up Signage

Reputable and experienced commercial window cleaners will put up their own signage during the job to prevent potential safety hazards. It is advantageous to notify your staff about the date, time and location so that they can plan around client meetings, arrange another parking spot, and organize their schedule around the cleaning. Notify staff well in advance to minimize hiccups.

Ensure There Are No Obstacles

Many business owners clear the pathway around the exterior windows but often forget the interior. Prior to window cleaning, open blinds, remove items from windowsills and move office furniture away from interior windows.  Some commercial window cleaning companies will clean blinds and window sills in addition to the interior and exterior windows. Skip the guessing game by confirming the scope of work before the cleaning.

Inspect Windows for Damage

It is beneficial to do a thorough inspection of all business windows before the cleaning. A thorough inspection of all business windows before cleaning is a good idea. It may help prevent further damage and hold the window cleaning company liable for any damage during cleaning.

Do Your Research

There are various methods of commercial window cleaning services. Cherry picker is an excellent option for high-rise commercial buildings and involves a lift. For office buildings without ground-level access, the cradle method is ideal. This process consists of a pulley with strong cables that affix to the building. Businesses with limited floors can opt for the water-fed pole/tucker pole method, which involves extended poles with squeegees. Another commercial window cleaning method is abseil window cleaning for complex architectural structures. This method involves trained window cleaners who scale the building using industrial cables.

Clean Green Solutions cleans low-rise commercial buildings up to four stories tall. They use tucker poles and lifts to reach windows, awnings, signs, and other common areas in building exteriors. Clean Green Solutions offers a wide range of exterior office and commercial cleaning services for Vancouver businesses. Contact them today to learn more about exterior building cleaning and other commercial cleaning services they offer.