The New Year is an important time to set business goals, especially when it comes to cleaning. It is crucial to implement good office cleaning habits at the start of the year to reduce wear-and-tear, boost productivity, and set the bar high. There are a variety of things that can be done to improve cleaning standards. Here are a few suggestions.

Communicate With Your Office Cleaners

Having a strong relationship with your office cleaning company is key to improving cleaning quality. Ignoring your office cleaners and expecting them to clean without feedback can negatively affect morale and cause complacency. Instead, share feedback (whether good or bad) on a regular basis. This will help improve your office cleaner’s performance, and ensure cleaning quality doesn’t go downhill.

Review Your Current Office Cleaning Schedule

Many Vancouver offices onboard a new cleaning company and never review their office cleaning schedule. Over time, business owners’ forget what their cleaners are supposed to be cleaning. When cleaning seems lackluster and issues arise, they are quick to blame their office cleaners. This can be harmful when trying to create a positive relationship with your office cleaning team. Review your office cleaning schedule once a year to ensure it still meets your business’ needs, and add/remove any office cleaning tasks that no longer serve your office.

Consider the Quality of Your Office Cleaning Services

Are your current office cleaning services not up to your standards? The New Year is the perfect time to onboard new office cleaners, and make any necessary adjustments. Most service agreements and contracts renew once a year, but may vary, so review your agreement/contract carefully before making a switch. Conduct walk-throughs prior to hiring a new Vancouver office cleaners to get a good feel of each company.

Create A Hygiene Policy

Cleaning should not only fall on your office cleaners, but also on your office staff. Good cleaning habits such as disinfecting after use, spot cleaning spills, sorting garbage and recycling, and keeping up with dirty dishes will assist in keeping your office clean and organized in between cleans. It will also minimize your office cleaner’s workload at the end of each day.

Ensure Cleaning Products Are Easily Accessible

It is common for office staff to neglect cleaning due to not having the proper tools. Make cleaning at the office easy by placing disinfectant wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other frequently used cleaning products throughout the office. Place them at eye level whenever possible for best results.

Use Signage As A Friendly Reminder

It is easy for office staff to ignore cleaning, as it isn’t part of their job description. Ample signage will help remind staff of your cleaning expectations.

Start the New Year off with a clean and organized office space. Clean Green Solutions is here to ensure your Vancouver office is in tip-top shape with their detailed cleaning checklist system, eco-friendly office cleaning solutions, and expert cleaning team. That’s the clean, green difference!