Heavy foot traffic and numerous shared spaces make cleaning office and commercial spaces difficult. Without advice from a professional office cleaning company, establishing the proper cleaning frequency requires trial and error.

What is Cleaning Frequency?

Cleaning frequency refers to the number of days per week/month a business is maintained. Recurring cleaning occurs on a regular basis; whereas one-time cleaning involves hiring a commercial cleaning company for a single clean. Businesses have different cleaning needs based on their size, the scope of cleaning, and the type of foot traffic. Below are some common factors that affect cleaning frequency.

1. Company Growth

Cleaning schedules are partially determined by the size of a business. Large-scale businesses need ongoing cleaning services to ensure cleanliness and prevent safety hazards. Smaller offices require cleaning less often (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). When it comes to company growth, it is important to consider employment growth and client expansion.

2. Lack of Improvement in Cleaning Quality

Poor cleaning quality can occur for a variety of reasons. Besides neglect, an unsuitable cleaning schedule can be another root cause. Prevent poor cleaning standards from becoming an ongoing habit by revisiting your office cleaning schedule on a regular basis. Cleaning quality improvements will not occur overnight. Allow a reasonable amount of time before adding additional days to your commercial cleaning schedule.

3. Increased Foot Traffic

An increase in foot traffic can cause a commercial space to look neglected and outdated. Office buildings, schools, medical facilities, and other large-scale businesses fluctuate in foot traffic. This is often due to seasonal changes or an increase in commercial tenants. Consider janitorial services to assure a clean, green Vancouver business.

4. Seasonal Transitions

The fall and winter months are especially wet and rainy in downtown Vancouver. On-going exposure to moisture and winter salt can cause floor damage, bacteria growth, and increase slipping hazards. Prolong the lifespan of commercial floors by using mats, coat racks, umbrella stands and mopping up water as it accumulates. Incorporate deep cleaning services into your cleaning schedule during the cold months to avoid permanent damage.

5. Size of Commercial Space

Janitorial services are beneficial in commercial buildings with tenants due to continuous foot traffic. Daily cleaning is not enough to keep an office building clean. Routine cleaning throughout the day is much more effective and prevents poor cleaning standards.

Quality Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Your Business Deserves

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