Commercial floors affect the aesthetic of your business and can create an immediate first impression. Avoid letting your commercial floors get dusty, dull, and neglected by cleaning them on a routine basis. Whether your Vancouver business has hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or tile, Clean Green Solutions has the floor solution for you!

Put Down Weather-Resistant Indoor & Outdoor Floor Mats

Placing mats both indoors and outdoors prevents moisture, dirt, and debris from being tracked indoors makes cleaning easier, reduces wear and tear, and minimizes workplace safety hazards. Weather-resistant mats are long-lasting and hold up to everyday foot traffic, making them quintessential in commercial spaces. Avoid slips, trips, and falls by placing anti-slip pads under floor mats for better grip.

Use PH Neutral Floor Cleaners

Some floor cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can lead to deterioration and abrasion. These strong chemicals give off toxic fumes and should not be inhaled, as they can cause dizziness, headaches, disorientation, and other severe side effects. PH-neutral floor cleaners are safe to use on a majority of floor surfaces, are better for the environment, and don’t leave a residue.

Increase Cleaning Frequency During The Fall & Winter

It is rainy season in Vancouver during the fall and winter months. Mold and mildew growth, slipping hazards, and water damage are some of the most common issues for businesses in downtown Vancouver. Without preventative measures and proper floor protection, costly repairs and replacement may be necessary. Not all commercial floors are alike, so it is necessary to refer to your specific flooring material before applying any products such as floor sealer or wax. Maintaining floors on a recurring cleaning schedule will guarantee your floors a longer lifespan. Most commercial floors require a floor deep clean every six to twelve months.

Protect & Seal Floors

Sealing is essential for extending the lifespan of porous floors such as hardwood, tile, stone, concrete, and cork. Refer to the floor manufacturer when choosing a sealer, as permanent damage is irreversible. If unsure, spot testing is an excellent alternative. When spot testing, be sure to test an area that is not visible in case there is bleaching, staining, or other visible damage.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Because moisture is unavoidable in Vancouver, it is crucial to control indoor humidity levels to prevent water damage and bacteria growth. Placing mats in entryways, using a de-humidifier, and avoiding oversaturating floors are good hygiene habits.

Prioritize High Traffic Areas

Commercial spaces tend to have a heavy amount of foot traffic. Day-to-day wear and tear can take a toll on commercial floors. There are certain high-traffic areas where recurring cleaning is vital including entrances, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and other frequently used shared spaces. Ensure your business’s floors look their best by incorporating daily cleaning and quarterly deep cleans.

Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Company

Clean Green Solutions’ office floor cleaning experts are here to help your business create a healthier workplace. They use a detailed checklist system, send the same cleaning crew to clean, and ensure their clients are always satisfied after every clean. Their attention to detail and thorough communication reduces stress and allows for a seamless commercial cleaning experience. Call now to schedule an office floor cleaning quote!