Office kitchens are home to various bacteria and germs due to food contamination, heavy foot traffic, and neglect. A thorough hygiene policy, encouraging cleaning after use, and limiting the number of shared items can reduce bacteria and germs and prevent spreading. Here’s what your office can do to establish a clean and healthy office kitchen.

Schedule Routine Deep Cleans

Daily cleaning is ideal for maintaining office kitchens and preventing wear and tear. Deep cleaning is an additional office cleaning service that is highly beneficial. It involves cleaning and polishing office kitchen appliances, wiping down garbage, composting, and recycling bins, deodorizing dishwashers, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, and other detail-oriented tasks. Office sanitization guarantees a safe workplace. Ensure success by making cleaning products readily available and sanitizing throughout the day.

Clean After Use

Neglect will create the perfect habitat for bacteria, germs, rodents, and pests to thrive. In busy Vancouver offices, cleaning after use slows the spread of germs and reduces the workload at the end of each day. Minimize your business’ monthly budget by keeping up with cleaning.

Discard Old Food

Letting old food sit in the office fridge for weeks or months will likely cause cross-contamination, stale odours, and lingering rodents and pests. These issues can be challenging to get rid of and can heavily affect the success of your business. Implement strict hygiene policies and procedures to prevent unwanted headaches and stress.

Sanitize Throughout the Day

There are many high-touch surfaces in offices. Sanitizing throughout the day decreases the number of germs spreading from one surface to another and reduces the chance of workplace outbreaks.

Encourage Hand Washing

It is important to wash hands thoroughly after touching phones, keyboards, elevator buttons, door handles, and other Washing hands thoroughly after touching phones, keyboards, elevator buttons, door handles, and other high-touch surfaces is essential. Hepatitis A can easily be passed from person to person, leading to long-term health risks. Encourage hand washing before eating lunch.

Use Disposable Items

During cold and flu season, it is essential to encourage staff to bring their own dishes to work and reduce the number of shared items. Use disposable items such as paper towels, disposable dishcloths, plastic cups, paper plates, and compostable utensils when necessary. Wash dishes in the dishwasher to remove food, sanitize, and effectively clean dishes.

Reliable Vancouver Office Cleaners

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