The holidays can be a busy time for most Vancouver offices. Reliable office cleaners are vital for health and well-being over the holiday season and can help reduce stress. A holiday office cleaning checklist is beneficial for reducing clutter, keeping employee morale high, and maintaining your office over the holidays.

Sanitization of Surfaces

Increased sick days can decrease productivity and negatively impact work output. Routine office sanitization is a preventative method that combats bacteria and germs. Surface disinfection is beneficial for office kitchens and bathrooms, lobbies and waiting areas, break rooms, and other communal areas. Electrostatic Disinfection/ULV Fogging offers additional protection for large office buildings. It covers large surface areas and is one of the most efficient sanitization methods.

High Touch Point Cleaning

Frequently touched surfaces require extra attention to detail. Bacteria and germs travel on hands in high-traffic areas. Infrequent hand washing can quickly spread illness and disease from one surface to another. High-touch point cleaning is critical during the winter and should be performed throughout the day. Cleaning surfaces before sanitization and disinfection is essential for effective cleaning. It removes dirt, dust, and debris and prevents it from interfering with sterilization.

Office Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is essential during the holiday season, as it is a high-traffic area. A well-maintained public bathroom creates a positive experience for staff, customers, and guests. During the holidays, an office deep clean is highly beneficial for reducing illness. Pay extra attention to bathroom partition walls, dispensers, faucets, and toilet and door handles, as they are high-touch surfaces.

Fridge Deep Clean

The holidays are the perfect time to throw out old food, beverages, condiments, and other items that have expired or will soon expire. Office fridges are germ hot spots that attract rodents and pests. A deep clean removes bacteria, mould, crumbs and spills, and minimizes food-borne illness. Avoid feeding critters over winter break by cleaning out the fridge, and create a fridge cleaning schedule for your office kitchen.

Floor Maintenance

Office floors take a beating over the winter. Scheduling commercial floor maintenance during winter break is advantageous, as there are less staff, making cleaning more efficient. Carpets regularly exposed to wet shoes and winter salt and de-icer can cause water damage, deterioration, and stale odours. Hard surface floors can look dull and worn out without routine floor care. Revive your office floors and avoid workplace injuries with a floor scrub and floor strip and wax.

High & Low Surface Dusting

Most office cleaners surface dust but are not detailed when it comes to daily office cleaning services. Dusting during office hours can aggravate allergies and create poor indoor air quality. Book an office deep clean, including walls, ceiling fans, banisters, beams, picture frames, baseboards, window sills, shelves, plants, and vents, during the holidays to improve cleanliness, health, and safety.

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