Effective Office Cleaning Tips

As the leading provider of office cleaning services in Vancouver, the office cleaners at Clean Green Solutions have their system dialed when it comes to keeping your workspace tidy. While hiring experts to handle all of your Vancouver office cleaning needs is often the easiest and most thorough way to go about it, it is not uncommon to try and handle cleaning projects on your own. If you plan to forego professional office cleaning services in Vancouver, here are 10 tips for effective cleaning.

Make a Checklist

It may seem elementary but a cleaning checklist can really help your office stay clean in the absence of professional office cleaners. Make a list of the most critical items and keep tabs on how often they are being addressed. This will give your team targets and tangible items to work on when it comes time to clean.

Disinfect High Traffic Areas

Vancouver office cleaning is only partially about making your space look nice. Keeping your business clean and germ-free is the other huge benefit to cleanliness. Disinfect all high-traffic areas and touchpoints on a weekly basis – at a minimum – to keep tidiness up and illness down.

Clean Electronics Regularly

Similarly to high-traffic areas, electronics get used regularly in many offices and can be Petri dishes for germs. Dedicate some time to clean these each week and you will not only reduce germ transmission but also ensure everything continues to work as it should.

Carpet Cleaning

Offices see a lot of foot traffic and, without office cleaners keeping an eye on your carpets, it can be easy to let them get out of hand. Stay on top of keeping your carpets clean by vacuuming once each week and shampooing once every few months depending on how busy your space is.

Sweep and Mop

Like carpets, your other floors can and will accumulate dirt and grime over time. The Vancouver office cleaning experts at Clean Green Solutions recommend sweeping and mopping at least once each week, perhaps more during the muddier winter and spring months.

Organize and Declutter

Clutter naturally builds up in shared spaces, and it is good practice to manage this weekly in order to maintain a clean and productive workspace for all. Establish intuitive organizational systems that promote decluttering on a regular basis to keep everyone’s shared spaces tidy.

Empty the Trash

Empty your trash bins regularly to avoid excess waste buildup, germ transmission, and stench. Instead of constantly overfilling bins around your office, consider adding more so they become more manageable to empty.

Don’t Forget the Break Room

When cleaning your office, give plenty of TLC to the break room. This is where employees unwind, relax, and forget about work for a little while – it should be treated as such an oasis and be kept to as high of a cleanliness standard as everywhere else in your building.

Pay Extra Attention to the Entryways

The entrance to your office sets the tone for both staff and visitors alike. When cleaning your building, be sure to pay extra attention to the entryway in order to guarantee the best possible first impression.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Like your checklist, creating a cleaning schedule for those responsible for office cleaning is an excellent and honest way to keep people accountable. Consider starting simple by setting aside an hour each week at a regular time and day and divvying up tasks as needed.

As the leading provider of office cleaning services in Vancouver, the experts at Clean Green Solutions know a thing or two about systems to keep workspaces clean. While the 10 tips above are a start, they are by no means the end all. Hiring a professional cleaning service is always your best bet and Clean Green Solutions is as professional, personable, and affordable as they come. Give us a call today and discover how we can help you keep your office clean.