As restrictions in B.C. begin to lift, many businesses are preparing for a safe return to the office. Business owners are facing many new challenges including updating and adapting safety plans, handling employee concern, communicating start dates and changes, keeping up with cleaning requirements, and ensuring ample PPE and supplies are available.

At Clean Green Solutions, we understand that reopening can be overwhelming. That is why we have put together some helpful office cleaning tips to give you a head start, and ensure your business is ready to reopen when it is safe to do so.

Why Your Office Needs Sanitization


If your office has been closed throughout the pandemic, scheduling a full office sanitization and deep clean is necessary. Lack of dusting, vacuuming, and wiping of surfaces not only allows bacteria and germs to linger, but also creates poor indoor air quality, allows pests and rodents to thrive, and can leave your office smelling musty and stale. For sanitization to be effective, a thorough deep clean should be completed prior.

Types of Office Sanitization


When it comes to office sanitization, Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging is highly recommended. This process involves a machine that sprays a disinfecting solution of charged molecules into the air to cover larger surface areas. Electrostatic Disinfection requires less application time, shields areas that are difficult to reach, creates less waste, and is highly effective when used with the proper disinfecting solution.

Deep Clean


A deep clean is essential prior to sanitization. Your office deep clean should include:

• High and low dusting

• Vacuuming, sweeping, and/or mopping

• Cleaning of air ducts and vents

• Detailed cleaning of light switches, door handles, and other major touch points

• Thorough cleaning of all hard surfaces

• Sanitization of office appliances

• Interior and exterior deep cleaning of fridge

• Sanitization of electronics

• Vacuuming and steam cleaning of upholstered office chairs

• Wiping interior and exterior of cabinets

To prevent spreading illness and reduce direct exposure to cleaning products, windows should be cracked open during cleaning to allow fresh air to circulate.


Safety Plan


It is important to follow government guidelines at all times. Create a safety plan for the office, and ensure there is proper PPE, cleaning supplies, and signage, so there is never any confusion. Leaving cleaning tasks up to the employees can create added stress, reduce employee morale, and create more risk (ex. missed cleaning due to multi-tasking or lack of cleaning experience). In order to prevent a workplace outbreak, it is crucial to hire a professional cleaning company.

Clean Green Solutions offers a tailored cleaning schedule that is specific to your business and its needs. This ensures our cleaning staff, as well as your employees, are aware of what is being cleaned and when. Our tailored cleaning schedule not only assists in preventing miscommunications, but also allows your business to get the exact services you need.


Frequent Cleaning


Frequent cleaning is imperative for a safe return to the office. Besides a global pandemic, there are many signs that indicate your office may be in need of more frequent cleaning. These signs include:

• Multiple office outbreaks

• Spread of illness

• Lack of upkeep

• Lingering pests and rodents

• Increased traffic

Do not wait until it is too late! Schedule a full Vancouver office sanitization and deep clean to prevent avoidable last-minute stress. Call (604) 644-8540 to book!


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