If your office has been exposed to Covid-19, it is important to follow the BC government health and safety guidelines. When it comes to cleaning, there are many actions you can take to help prevent the further spread of the virus, but it is key that you act quickly.


Step 1 – Contact Us


The first step your office should take is contacting Clean Green Solutions to begin the cleaning and disinfecting process. Both cleaning and disinfecting are necessary to ensure surfaces are completely free of germs. Cleaning professionals should complete this process, as thorough sanitization requires proper training and PPE.


What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?


Cleaning is the process of using soap or detergent to remove germs and dirt from surfaces. Cleaning does not guarantee that all germs will be removed, but it will lessen the amount.

Disinfecting is the process of using a disinfecting solution to kill germs on surfaces after cleaning has been completed. Disinfection requires the disinfecting solution to reside on a surface for a minimum amount of time to be effective and creates an added layer of protection.


Step 2 – Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging


Although cleaning and disinfecting are highly effective, we also suggest Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging. By missing a small surface area, there is a greater chance of spreading germs and causing illness.

Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging involves a machine that sprays a disinfecting solution of charged molecules into the air. Because the molecules are charged, they repel each other and are easily attracted to surfaces, allowing for more thorough disinfection. The particles are small enough to attach to even the smallest surfaces that cannot easily be cleaned by hand. This process should be added to your regular cleaning schedule to prevent future office outbreaks.

Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging varies in duration depending on the size of the office or commercial space. Typically, the process can be done in an hour or less with a 30-minute window of drying time.


Step 3 – Return to Work


Once your office has been cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, you can begin working from the office again. We suggest the following day to ensure best safety practices. In order to prevent future office outbreaks, regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces and major touchpoints should be completed throughout the day, as well as the addition of Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging.

When it comes to a COVID-19 exposure at your office or commercial space, it is important to act quickly. In order to ensure a safe return for both your staff and clients, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is highly recommended.

At Clean Green Solutions, our expert cleaning team is trained to clean with attention-to-detail and has extensive knowledge on cleaning touchpoints and proper use of cleaning products. Don’t waste any time! Call (604) 644-8540 to book a COVID-19 clean today.


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