As the weather gets cooler, it is crucial to establish a clean, organized office kitchen pantry to avoid attracting rodents and pests. Maintaining cupboards on a routine basis will make it easier to find food items and prevent expired food from being neglected. Professional office cleaners are experts when it comes to cleaning office kitchens. Their office cleaning checklist system and extensive cleaning experience guarantee thorough cleaning every time. Use these helpful office pantry cleaning tips to help keep your office kitchen organized, sanitary, and pest-free this fall.

Occasional Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is essential for creating a healthy work environment and preventing rodents and pests. Cleaning the office pantry weekly or monthly is an excellent habit, as it reduces the cleaning workload and sets cleaning expectations for staff. When performing an office deep clean, starting from the top down is essential. Doing so prevents dust and debris from spreading from one shelf to another. Wipe down the interior and exterior of cupboards to get rid of dust and cobwebs that may have built up.

Implement Storage Containers

Rodents and pests can easily chew through bags and create nests. They often go unnoticed until they spread into other areas around the office kitchen. Pantry moths and mice infestations can be challenging, so transferring all bagged food items into storage containers is vital. Using storage containers also creates better organization and is less messy.

Use Signage

Hygiene policies are overlooked when not regularly enforced. Ample signage is necessary for reminding staff of office cleaning policies and procedures. Allowing staff to create bad cleaning habits can cause added stress, decrease productivity, and increase workplace illness, especially during cold and flu season. Get the most out of signage by placing them in appropriate areas and ensuring they are at eye level.

Don’t Forget The Shelves

Rodents and pests inhabit dark nooks and crannies such as inside drawers, cupboards, baseboards, HVAC systems, bathroom faucets, old plumbing pipes, break rooms, and carpets. Leaking food items and lingering crumbs further attract unwanted guests.

When deep cleaning office kitchen cabinets and drawers, it is vital to wipe corners and shelving to remove dust and debris and prevent critters from spreading.

Hire Professional Office Cleaners

Clean Green Solutions has a team of dedicated office cleaners to help you create a healthy office kitchen this fall. Whether you need routine office cleaning services, office floor maintenance, or office bathroom cleaning, Clean Green Solutions is here to help your business keep bacteria and germs away and prepare for a busy holiday season with daily office cleaning services. Ensure your business meets B.C. health and safety standards and minimize sick days by implementing office sanitization and disinfection into your daily office cleaning routine. Visit to learn more about Clean Green Solutions’ other commercial cleaning services, or contact them to request a free office cleaning quote!