A well-maintained business exterior is critical in the fall. It prevents exterior damage from winter elements and assists with attracting foot traffic during the slow season. Fall is an ideal time to clean commercial windows because it provides moderate temperatures, minimizes streaks, and ensures spotless windows.

Ideal Drying Conditions

Window cleaning requires certain conditions to be effective. Cleaning commercial windows on a sunny day cause windows to appear dirty, even after washing. Warm temperatures speed up dying time, making streaks and drip marks unavoidable. Cooler temperatures prevent window cleaner and soap from drying quickly and allow ample drying time. Glare in windows can make it challenging to see imperfections on windows when cleaning. Overcast conditions minimize squinting caused by glare and ensure the best clean possible.

Added Protection

Harsh winters take a toll on commercial windows. Constant exposure to acid in rain, snow, and sleet lead to deterioration. Freezing temperatures and wet conditions create frost and ice build-up, making them more susceptible to cracking. Prolonged condensation can also rot window frames and increase mould and mildew growth. This fall, prevent damage to your business’s windows with routine commercial window cleaning services. Professional window cleaners clean both interior and exterior windows to maximize lifespan. Avoid potential damage caused by harsh window chemicals by hiring an eco-friendly window cleaning company. Window cleaning solutions with low PH levels are easier on windows and prevent stripping protective UV/insulation films.

Better Clean

Cleaning windows when it’s raining may not appear effective, but it is ideal for preventing streaks and ensuring spotless windows. Window cleaning on a rainy day makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Rain helps wash away any excess soap, cleaner, or debris left behind, ensuring a better clean. There are also fewer safety hazards and disruptions on rainy days, as street foot traffic is often reduced.

Boosts Employee Morale

Dirty windows filter light from entering in the fall and winter, which can be especially crucial in a city with a rainy climate like Vancouver. Poor indoor light can have a negative effect on mood and productivity. Routine window maintenance is vital for improving focus and creating a positive working environment.

Expert Commercial Window Cleaners in downtown Vancouver

Clean Green Solutions is here to help your business stand out with spotless, streak-free windows. Their window cleaning experts treat your windows with care – never risking damage by trying to rush things or cut corners. Whether your windows are new or old, Clean Green Solutions’ window maintenance schedule can help keep your business’s windows in good condition for years. Their team will assess the overall health of your windows and inspect for damage or small cracks that may be developing. Clean Green’s office window cleaning professionals can help you assess your options with a free quote and create a personalized plan to help you get the most out of your office windows. Call them today and see the Clean Green difference!