Exterior pressure washing is beneficial any time of year. When done correctly, it can extend the lifespan of your business’s exterior. Every season has its challenges when it comes to commercial exteriors. The summer brings added dust, dirt, and debris. Fall and winter call for excessive rainfall, and spring causes unavoidable pollen and sap. Preserve your business’s exterior by pressure washing every six months to a year.

Prevents Deterioration

Exterior surfaces deteriorate and corrode due to exposure to chemicals, moisture, humidity, and other natural elements. Routine commercial pressure washing is beneficial for removing harmful contaminants that create wear-and-tear and preventing staining. Protective solutions can be used on commercial exteriors to help minimize deterioration. Eco-friendly solutions are ideal when pressure washing, as they are non-toxic and safe for all exterior surfaces. They do not have any chemicals and will not cause corrosion.

Minimizes Damage

Lack of exterior maintenance increases the chance of damage occurring. A dirty commercial exterior hides minor flaws that could turn into an even bigger problem down the road. Routine pressure washing services help assess the current condition and inspect for potential damage. Using a pressure washer can be dangerous, as its powerful spray can cause serious injury. Hiring a reputable and experienced pressure washing company to clean your company’s exterior minimizes exterior damage and prevents public safety hazards.

Gets Rid of Mould

Prolonged exposure to moisture increases mould, mildew, and algae growth. It can affect not just your business’s exterior but also the interior. Extreme neglect can lead to mould remediation, a costly business expense. Exterior pressure washing removes harmful mould spores and algae and prevents them from spreading.

Removes Pests

Dirt and grime attract pests, spider webs, and nests that may affect your business and curb appeal. Routine commercial pressure washing services keep pests away and prevent them from entering your commercial space. Please note: pressure washing is not a method of pest control. It simply prevents them from creating a permanent home on your business’s exterior walls.

The Importance of Preventative Cleaning

Pressure washing is a method of preventative cleaning that has many benefits. Besides protecting the exterior of your business and maximizing lifespan, commercial pressure washing also enhances curb appeal. Exterior cleaning is just as important as the interior. Damage, leaks, pest infestations, and other issues often begin on the exterior. Routine pressure washing minimizes wear and tear and can help save thousands of dollars for exterior maintenance.

Downtown Vancouver’s Commercial Pressure Washing Experts

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