Office furniture may appear clean from a distance, but they are often covered in microscopic bacteria, mould, dust, and other allergens that aren’t easily visible to the human eye. Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning are crucial for maintaining office furniture. Occasional deep cleaning eliminates tough stains and odours and prevents bacteria growth. Material type and manufacturer tags will determine the proper method of care. It is important to spot test before cleaning to avoid damage. Here are some effective office furniture cleaning tips to minimize permanent damage.

Remove Dust & Debris Before Cleaning

A thin layer of dust can prevent office furniture from getting the best clean possible. Remove dust from hard surfaces by wiping the surface down with a dry microfibre cloth. Office upholstery should be vacuumed before cleaning for an effective clean. Dusting before cleaning prevents dust from being spread from one surface to another and effectively eliminates allergens.

Pre-treat Stains

Upholstery cleaning may not remove all stains in a single clean. Pre-treating before steam cleaning helps lift stubborn stains to the surface and allows for a better clean. Stain removal cleaners can be harsh on office furniture, so it is critical to choose a cleaner with a low PH or spot clean in an area that isn’t easily visible.

Pay Attention to Care Instructions

When in doubt, always follow manufacturer care instructions to avoid damage. If care instructions are unavailable, spot test before cleaning.

Avoid Excessive Water

Using too much water on office furniture can cause water damage and swelling. Excessive water is a common issue when steam cleaning upholstery or carpets and can create longer drying times or increase the likelihood of mould growth.

Spot Test

Office upholstery is designed in a variety of fabrics. Some fabrics are more delicate than others. Spot testing is advantageous for preventing irreversible damage, especially when using new cleaning products or when unsure about the fabric type.

Avoid Acidic Cleaning Products

Cleaning chemicals can cause deterioration, bleaching, staining, and other chemical-related wear and tear over time. Limiting use will extend lifespan and prevent damage. Eco-friendly cleaning products are best suited for cleaning offices. They are non-toxic and will not cause harm to office furniture, even after prolonged use.

Utilize Different Attachments

Office upholstery withstands heavy everyday use and requires detailed cleaning. Use various vacuum attachments when cleaning upholstery. Various size attachments allow for easier cleaning of nooks and crannies.

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