Hiring a commercial cleaning company to maintain your office or commercial space is highly beneficial. Maintaining cleaning needs and requirements in a high-traffic workspace can be challenging without experience. Lack of upkeep can take a toll on your brand image and significantly impact the success of your business. Save yourself from making the same commercial cleaning mistakes by avoiding these poor cleaning habits.

Using Dirty Equipment

Cleaning with the same cloth, mop, or duster is ineffective. It spreads dirt and bacteria instead of eliminating it and can cause cross-contamination. It is best practice to use one cloth per surface, wash cleaning tools after use, and regularly maintain commercial cleaning equipment to prevent poor cleaning efficiency.

Ignoring Hard-to-Reach Areas

Surfaces that are difficult to reach may be a hassle to clean, but are critical for creating a healthy workplace. High surface dusting is the number one forgotten cleaning task in an office. It can make a business appear neglected and lead to increased safety hazards. Baseboard dusting is another hard-to-reach area that is often missed. Dust build-up on baseboards attracts rodents and pests and creates the ideal environment for nesting.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Chemical cleaning products cause harm to human health and surfaces. Prolonged use can cause deterioration and bleaching and remove protective finishes over some time. Poor indoor airflow can cause various short and long-term respiratory illnesses and contribute to allergies and asthma. Pet-friendly businesses should be extra cautious when cleaning with chemicals, as many ingredients in cleaning products are toxic for animals.

Not Allowing Ample Dwell Time

Dwell time is vital when cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Not allowing ample dwell time can be ineffective and unproductive. Always refer to cleaning product labels for proper dwell times, as they differ by product.

Using Too Much Water

When cleaning carpets and upholstery, too much water can be harmful. Excessive moisture can cause mould, mildew growth, water damage, and staining. Hiring professional commercial cleaners to maintain your carpet and upholstery can reduce unnecessary headaches and save precious time and money.

Lack of Communication

Frequent communication is the key to quality cleaning. Some commercial cleaning companies assume no feedback means they do a great job, which can cause miscommunication and lead to a poor cleaning experience. It is crucial to regularly communicate with your commercial cleaners to ensure they are on the same page and meet your cleaning needs and requirements.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Most commercial cleaning equipment requires training to avoid damage and safety hazards. Improper use could lead to workplace injuries and adverse long-term health effects. A cleaning professional should only perform commercial carpet cleaning, high surface dusting, window cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, and sanitization and disinfection. They are highly skilled in cleaning tasks that require personal protective equipment, knowledge, and training.

Avoid Commercial Cleaning Mishaps By Hiring Clean Green Solutions

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