The end of the year can be a busy time for Vancouver businesses. Cleaning is often put on the back burner until the day before the holiday break, causing unnecessary added stress. A half-fast clean can negatively impact focus and mood in the New Year when it matters most. Ensure your office is sparkly clean by implementing the following end-of-the-year office cleaning tips and tricks!

Make A List

Making a list is the best way to stay on track and ensure all cleaning tasks get completed. Organize the list by room and assign someone to each job to make cleaning productive and efficient. Prevent missed cleaning tasks by being as detailed as possible and focusing on areas with frequent foot traffic.

Delegate Cleaning Tasks

Whether you organize cleaning well in advance or the day before, completing all the cleaning on your own in a single workday is impossible. Delegating cleaning tasks reduces workload and ensures a thorough cleaning. If your business can’t do cleaning, consider hiring professional office cleaners.

Coordinate Post Event Cleaning

December can be full of parties, events, and meetings. It is critical to keep up with cleaning and not let the mess build up. Neglecting cleaning can increase illness, cause stress, and take a toll on productivity. Hiring office cleaners to tidy up after events can help maintain your office and its hygiene.

Prioritize High Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas are filthy during the holiday season. Frequent traffic can increase dust, bacteria, and germs. Routine daily cleaning improves cleanliness, health, and safety and minimizes workplace injuries. Make a list of high touch points for the best clean possible.

Revise Your Office Cleaning Schedule (If Necessary)

It is highly beneficial to update or revise your office cleaning schedule annually. Doing so ensures high cleaning standards and consistent cleaning. Significant changes to your office can also affect cleaning quality. These changes include an office move, renovations/repairs, additional amenities, and company growth.

Bring in Cleaning Professionals

Hiring office cleaners is one of the best things you can do for your office, especially during the holiday season. It improves mental health, enhances brand image, reduces sick days, and creates a positive working environment.

Schedule An Office Deep Clean During Holiday Break

Most businesses book a deep clean a week or two before the holiday break, so they don’t have to think about it over the holidays. It is much more beneficial to schedule a deep clean during the holiday break or before your staff returns to the office, as there are fewer obstacles and time constraints.

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