During the summer months, businesses tend to ease up on their office cleaning services. It may seem like a great idea to reduce cleaning frequency with staff taking holidays or extending their weekends and fewer clients coming into the office, but it can lead to more significant problems down the road. Putting off cleaning in the summertime can increase bacteria and germs, create an inviting space for rodents and pests to nest, cause more work for your office cleaners in the fall, and ward off potential clients. Rather than decreasing your office cleaning schedule, take this time to address cleaning tasks that have been put on the back burner.

Take Time to Deep Clean

The summer is an ideal time to schedule a deep cleaning of your office carpets, windows, floors, upholstery, and building exterior. Decreased foot traffic allows for a thorough clean and creates fewer distractions for office staff. Some cleaning tasks have particular requirements to ensure the best results. Commercial floors and office upholstery require ample drying time for an effective clean. For successful sanitization/disinfection, sufficient dwell time is necessary.

Ensure Optimal Health & Safety

Bacteria and germs don’t take a break in the summer, and neither should you. Neglecting your workplace can increase illness, aggravate allergies, and attract rodents and pests. Maintain a high cleaning standard to create a safe and healthy environment for office staff and guests and improve office hygiene. Preventative cleaning can prolong the need for repairs and keep your office looking like new. Book office sanitization/disinfection services in the summer to prepare for cold and flu season.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Employee absences shouldn’t affect the productivity of your office during the summer. A clean, organized office will create fewer distractions and enhance focus. Use a fresh-smelling scent, such as lemon or orange, to encourage your office staff to stay alert. Make tidying up personal desk space before leaving for vacation mandatory to minimize disruptions for colleagues while they are away.

Avoid Wear And Tear

Neglect over an extended period can lead to minimal to severe damage. Office floors are susceptible to water damage during the spring, fall, and winter, making summer the perfect time to schedule routine floor maintenance. Warm temperatures cause increased perspiration, leading to bacteria, mould, and mildew growth in upholstered fabric chairs. Steam cleaning is necessary to remove unpleasant musty odours and refresh office upholstery.

All-Season Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning is essential any time of year! Don’t ease up on cleaning because you have fewer staff coming into the office or are running on a hybrid work schedule. Use the downtime to clean areas around the office that have been ignored and create a healthier and happier workplace. Clean Green Solutions has a detailed office cleaning checklist for every season, guaranteeing a thorough clean all year round. Their eco-friendly cleaning products are safe and effective and ensure the best clean possible. Trust Clean Green Solutions to maintain your Vancouver office on a routine basis. Contact their team now to request a free quote.