Cleaning may seem simple, but it requires industry knowledge and expertise to ensure proper execution. Surface cleaning removes dust but does not kill bacteria and germs. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas and focusing on high touch points is vital for a germ-free office. Hiring professional office cleaners improves cleaning standards and creates a healthy working environment for staff, customers, and guests. Their attention to detail and cleaning experience reduces illness and creates a lasting impression.

Blinds & Windowsills

When it comes to window cleaning, blinds and windowsills are often overlooked. Prolonged neglect allows moisture to seep in and create the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive. Blinds are dust mite hot spots and can trigger allergy symptoms, especially during allergy season. It is crucial to dust blinds regularly to keep workplace allergies at bay.


Baseboards are another dust mite hotspot. Although they are a small part of an office, they significantly impact the overall cleanliness of a business and brand image. Using a duster to clean baseboards is common; however, it is not very effective. Professional office cleaners use microfiber cloths when dusting to prevent dust from spreading and guarantee a thorough clean.

Office Kitchen Appliances

Shared office kitchens are full of bacteria and germs. Office kitchen appliances are some of the dirtiest items and are overlooked when cleaning. Professional cleaners never forget to clean coffee machines, microwaves, fridges, water dispensers, dishwashers, and other commonly missed office kitchen appliances. They clean, sanitize, and disinfect office kitchens daily and deep clean when necessary.

Office Furniture

Upholstered furniture may not appear dirty on the surface but are a breeding ground for mould, mildew, bacteria, and allergens. Professional cleaners vacuum and deodorize furniture and provide upholstery cleaning services to keep office furniture smelling fresh. It is essential in high-traffic areas such as reception/waiting rooms, lobbies, and other places where first impressions matter.

High-Touch Surfaces

Professional cleaners are highly skilled and trained to clean high-touch surfaces. These areas include door knobs, light switches, elevator buttons, boardroom remote controls, telephones, and other frequently used office items. It can be a massive benefit in an office or commercial space and help minimize sick days, boost productivity, and aid in employee retention. A healthy office is a happy one.

Vents & Ducts

Vent and duct cleaning is not a cleaning task that should be saved for HVAC technicians. Improve efficiency and reduce costly maintenance repairs by vacuuming and dusting often. Professional cleaners understand the importance of vent and duct cleaning and utilize various vacuum attachments to get into small spaces for a better clean.

Vancouver Office Cleaners You Can Count On

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