Two years into the global pandemic and the introduction of new variants has caused employers to consider adopting working from home or hybrid work schedules. Hybrid work schedules allow employees to work from the office on a part-time basis to minimize the number of employees working in the same space. This is beneficial for social distancing purposes and lowers office costs. Cleaning around hybrid work schedules can be tricky with employees coming and going. Here are some cleaning tips to ensure your office or commercial space maintains a high cleaning standard with a hybrid work schedule.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Readily Available

It is crucial to have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, and tissues readily available in all areas of the office. Enforce cleaning after use and minimize the number of shared spaces to ensure employees are not using the same spaces. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is highly beneficial for reducing long-term exposure to toxins and allergens.

Increase Cleaning Standards

Cleaning should be frequent and detailed. Attention-to-detail is necessary in public bathrooms, kitchens, lunchrooms, break rooms, and lobbies and entrances. Major touch points require sanitization throughout the day.

Reduce Personal Belongings

Prohibit personal belongings like mugs, dishes, water bottles, and bags or purses from staying at the office. This will reduce germs from spreading.

Limit Shared Supplies

Frequent use and sharing of stationary, desks, phones, computers, and other office supplies allow germs to easily spread. Create stationary sets for each employee’s desk and sanitize on a regular basis. Place hand sanitizer next to stationary to encourage sanitizing before use.

Wipe Chairs

Overlooking office chairs and office upholstery is a common mistake. Armrests are high touch points that require regular sanitization. Disinfectant wipes and Electrostatic Disinfection or ULV Fogging are beneficial for removing germs from all types of office chairs.

Vacuum & Dust

Dust harbours germs and allows them to spread throughout an office or commercial space. Vacuuming and dusting is a great way to minimize germs and allergens. Blinds, vents, ceiling fans, and high surfaces are important areas to pay extra attention to.

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