Although electrostatic disinfection has been around for years, there is still some skepticism about whether it benefits businesses. There have been multiple studies and conclusions; however, it all comes down to five factors: business type, square footage, cleaning requirements, traffic, and space use. We are here to clear up the confusion and help you better assess whether electrostatic disinfection/ULV fogging would benefit your business.

1. Type of Business

Electrostatic disinfection is a quick and efficient disinfection method for covering large surface areas. Daycares, fitness centres, schools, medical facilities, and food production factories benefit from electrostatic disinfection services, as they require hygienic working conditions. Office buildings, retail stores, and other high-traffic commercial spaces open to the public should also consider electrostatic disinfection to minimize illness and create a healthy space for customers and guests.

2. Square Footage

The bigger the space, the more challenging it is to keep up with cleaning. Sanitizing and disinfecting by hand is ineffective and can be timely. Electrostatic disinfection involves spraying a sanitizing solution into the air. The charged molecules repel one another and are more efficient for covering large surface areas. Businesses with ample square footage should consider implementing electrostatic disinfection for a thorough cleaning.

3. Seasonal Cleaning Requirements

Certain times of the year require additional cleaning to ensure cleanliness, health, and safety. Electrostatic disinfection is favourable during cold and flu season for preventing illness and combating workplace outbreaks. Routine cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection are crucial throughout the year, but especially during the fall and winter. Electrostatic disinfection is an excellent addition to daily commercial cleaning services.

4. High-Touch Surfaces

Businesses with many high-touch surfaces and heavy foot traffic should consider electrostatic disinfection. Sanitizing throughout the day can be tedious for commercial cleaners and staff alike. Implementing electrostatic disinfection can reduce the amount of cleaning and ensure a germ-free workplace.

5. Shared Spaces

Co-working spaces or workplaces with many shared surfaces require frequent disinfection to minimize illness and prevent the spread of germs. Electrostatic disinfection effectively disinfects nooks and crannies that may be difficult to reach by hand. The small, airborne particles cover a large surface area quicker than the average human. Electrostatic disinfection is safe on all surfaces, making it an ideal method in high-traffic working environments.

Working Together to Create A Healthy Vancouver Workplace

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