Although commercial cleaners are trained to clean quickly and efficiently without disrupting others, it is ineffective to clean during business hours. It prevents a thorough clean, creates more obstacles, and minimizes efficiency. Get the best clean possible by scheduling your cleaning services outside of business hours.

Thorough Clean

Cleaning under the microscopic eye of business owners can be daunting to cleaners. It creates added stress and often leads to rushed cleaning or an increased workload. An empty commercial space allows cleaners to easily navigate and move office furniture to get the best clean possible.

Fewer Distractions

Cleaning tasks like vacuuming can be very disruptive. Improve productivity by scheduling commercial cleaning services outside of peak hours.

Fewer Obstacles

Most cleaners are trained to clean around paperwork and personal belongings for liability reasons. An empty space allows commercial cleaners to clean without clutter.

Better Air Quality

Cleaning can stir up dust, dirt, debris, and allergens, which can intensify allergies. Prolonged exposure to cleaning products can aggravate allergy symptoms, causing skin/eye irritations and poor indoor air quality. Whether using chemical-based cleaners or eco-friendly cleaning products, it is best to wear personal protective equipment and clean after hours to reduce safety hazards.

More Efficient

Efficiency is key to a successful commercial cleaning experience. Sometimes the culprit of poor cleaning is poor scheduling. If your business is concerned about the quality of your cleaning services, you may want to reconsider scheduling cleaning outside of business hours for a better clean. Cleaning after hours gives cleaners more time and space to clean without being in a time crunch.

After Hours Business Cleaning Services

At Clean Green Solutions, we understand the importance of a clean business facility. That’s why we schedule our corporate cleaning services outside of business hours. This allows our cleaners to guarantee a quality clean and ensures your business operates without interruptions. We provide daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, alternating day/week(s) cleaning, and monthly cleaning for all your business cleaning needs.

Corporate Cleaning Services for Vancouver Businesses

Corporate Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Looking for a professional, reliable, and thorough commercial cleaning company in Vancouver? Clean Green Solutions offers quality office cleaning services and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Focus on growing your business and leave your office or commercial space in the hands of their cleaning professionals. Call for a free estimate!

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Joe and his team were a pleasure to work with. Joe accommodated our dates and times and made the entire process as easy as it could be. Austin arrived on time and was friendly and accommodating. Our carpets look fantastic. We definitely plan on using Clean Green Solutions again.”

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