There are many different kinds of cleaners among us, and we all have different styles and approaches. For some, cleaning is one of those jobs we keep putting off, and for others, it’s practically a hobby. Which of the following matches your cleaning personality?

  1. The Neat Freak

You tend to clean every day and get upset when your place is out of order, even though you know others would consider it fairly clean. As a perfectionist, you clean everything with attention to detail. You put extra effort into making sure your friends and family feel welcomed in your home, even if that means you need to clean up AFTER they leave.

  1. The Bit-by-Bit Cleaner

You like to break down your cleaning task into small pieces and do a little bit when you have a spare moment. You likely have a relaxed attitude when it comes to your home, and can’t stand to see your home dirty. You do what it takes to keep your home clean and comfortable. You take note to make sure that the not-so-obvious areas are also staying clean.

  1. The Panicker

When you know that someone will visit your home, you panic. You go into a frenzy throwing stuff behind closed doors, putting dirty dishes in your oven, and frantically scrubbing a month’s worth of crusty toothpaste from your bathroom counter. You tend to clean all you can in a short period of time.

  1. The Weekend Grinder

You tend to spend your weekend cleaning your home from top to bottom. You spend one full day cleaning, doing dirty clothes because you love it that way, or because you feel obligated to do it. You dedicate a day to keep your home clean. If you are this personality, you were likely raised this way, and continue the tradition with your own family. With this personality, you may have a good chance of missing out on quality time with your family due to dedicating an entire day to keeping your house clean. Make sure to have the personal time you need to recover from your week.

  1. The “Messy home? Don’t Care”

You don’t normally care what both you and others think about your home. You do a deep clean once a year and give your home a good cleaning or may not at all. You are comfortable with the way your house is, and never feel judged when someone visits your home. You may want to check if you are causing damage to your home by not cleaning it. It would be a good idea to ask a friend to give you an honest opinion on the state of your home and tidy up if they say it’s time to clean up.

  1. The Delegator

You value having a clean home, but you either don’t want to clean it yourself, or you don’t have time to do it yourself, so you delegate. You focus on things that are more important than cleaning like work, family, or personal errands. You care for your home but you aren’t able to do the work. Normally you would pay someone to clean your home. Don’t get too comfortable having someone do the job for you. If your income changes, you may need to change your lifestyle. It’s best to consider delegating the task to your family members.




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