There is nothing worse than a streak on your commercial windows that won’t go away. No matter what window cleaner you use, nothing seems to get rid of it. This can happen for a few reasons. It is often a result of using the wrong cleaning product or using a low quality cleaner. When it comes to your commercial windows, it is important to stay away from harsh chemicals that contain ammonia or alcohol, as they may cause degradation. It is also imperative to be aware of the finish that may be present on your windows (ex. tinting, frosting, film etc.) to prevent damage. Create streak-free commercial windows with these window cleaning tips.

Wipe Top to Bottom

There are a variety of tools that can be used to achieve streak-free windows – from squeegees to microfibre cloths, tucker poles, and T-bar washers and scrubbers. No matter your tool of choice, wiping from top to bottom is recommended.

Clean On A Cloudy Day

Cleaning on a warm, sunny day causes window cleaner to dry quickly. This can be a hassle when trying to clean exterior windows. On the other hand, cleaning on a rainy day is counter-productive. A cloudy day is ideal because it offers a moderate temperature with ample lighting to ensure windows are sparkling clean.

Remove Dust, Dirt & Debris First

Spraying window cleaner directly on dirty windows is ineffective. It spreads dust, dirt, and debris rather than removing it. To ensure spotless commercial windows, wipe windows with a dry, microfibre cloth before cleaning.

Clean Both Sides

This may seem obvious, but it is a common window cleaning mistake to avoid. When hiring a commercial cleaning company, ensure they include both the interior and the exterior in their commercial cleaning quote.

Microfibre is Your Friend

Microfibre cloths are versatile for cleaning. Their soft, delicate surface assists in preventing abrasions and scratches. When used dry, microfibre cloths are advantageous for removing debris from surfaces. A wet microfibre cloth easily removes smudges, dirt, and grime.

Use High Quality Cleaning Products

Cleaning tools are ineffective without high quality cleaning products. Cutting cleaning costs can lead to sacrificing on quality, which in turn, reduces cleaning standards. Set a positive image for your business by investing in quality tools and products, and hire a corporate cleaning company to establish a spotless facility.

Commercial Window Cleaning Experts in Vancouver

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