Elevators, escalators, and stairways are common in public spaces like schools, shopping malls, office buildings, medical facilities, and other large-scale buildings. They are considered high touch points (HTPs) and require frequent cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Prevent illness, outbreaks, and safety hazards by hiring commercial cleaners, incorporating a routine cleaning schedule, and investing in effective cleaning products.


Commercial elevators are full of germ-infested surfaces and are relatively easy to clean. Prevent unwanted streaks by using a dry microfibre cloth and disinfectant spray to wipe elevator buttons, handrails, and walls. Avoid using excess liquid, as it can seep in behind elevator buttons, causing electrical damage. Elevator floors can be a major safety hazard. Ensure they are free of dust, debris, liquid, and slippery substances by mopping regularly. Use a caution sign to prevent users from slipping. Get rid of oily fingerprints and smears on glass surfaces or mirrors to ensure a clean and tidy commercial elevator.


Escalators are difficult to clean during business hours due to ample foot traffic. Cleaning after hours is best to prevent safety hazards and disturbances. Escalator cleaning involves special equipment for an effective clean. Dry cleaning involves removing dust, dirt, and debris from the tread with a machine, while the escalator is still in motion. This method is the preferred method of cleaning for escalators, as it is quick, safe, and effective. Wet cleaning involves using water and a cleaning solution in a machine to get rid of grime. Wet cleaning machines feature a water collection system to prevent excess liquid from seeping in. Clean handrails with disinfectant wipes or a microfibre cloth and disinfectant spray.


Commercial stairways are similar to escalators. They are a safety hazard when not properly maintained. It is important to remove dust and debris from commercial stairs with a vacuum or dry microfibre mop. Make cleaning easier by starting from the top and work your way down. Next, clean the stairway with a damp microfibre mop to remove sticky or slippery substances. Do not oversaturate, as it can drip down and cause slipping. Stairs need ample dry time before use. Clean with a dry microfibre cloth for best results. Do not forget to clean, disinfect, and sanitize stair hand railings to prevent a build-up of dust, bacteria, and germs.

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