When it comes to commercial buildings, good cleaners can be crucial. Because there are more shared spaces such as elevators, communal washrooms, and other building amenities, thorough, detailed cleaning is necessary. To ensure a clean, well-maintained building, hiring a commercial cleaning company that can handle large-scale building cleaning is highly recommended.


Floor Maintenance


Due to the high amount of foot traffic, buildings require regular floor maintenance. There are many different factors that affect the wear and tear of an office or building floor including moisture, heat, and lack of maintenance. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping regularly, as well as carpet steam cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, and floor scrubbing a few times per year can help prevent floor damage.


Communal Washrooms


Washrooms often do not get enough attention resulting in wet countertops, an overflow of paper towels, toilet paper scraps on the floors, and clogged toilets. This can make employees and guests want to avoid using the washrooms and can set a low standard for the overall building. With several washrooms on multiple floors, regular janitorial service is paramount for creating a well-maintained building.


Building Garbage


Taking out the garbage may seem like a simple cleaning task; however, when it comes to large buildings, neglected garbage bins can leave a bad first impression. Lingering odours, garbage overflows, and unwanted rodents and pests can cause a bigger issue for the building, adding to the cost of building maintenance.


High-Touch Surfaces


With many high-touch surfaces, disinfection and sanitization are more important than ever in a commercial building. This includes wiping down door handles, elevator buttons, railings, water fountain buttons, keypads, and other hard surfaces. Because there is a large amount of surface area in commercial buildings, janitorial services can be immensely beneficial.

At Clean Green Solutions, we offer a wide range of building cleaning services for every size of commercial building – from schools and institutions to tech offices that occupy multiple floors, and other large-scale buildings. Our janitorial services can be completed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and include a tailored cleaning schedule that is specific to your business’ needs and the amount of traffic, so your commercial building always looks and feels its best.

We maintain our cleaning consistency by sending the same crew of highly trained professionals to clean your building every time. This consistency not only offers a familiar face to look forward to but also helps our staff know exactly where the areas most in need of regular cleaning are. It also ensures that germs do not grow, linger, and spread. With our unprecedented janitorial services, you can enjoy cleaners who are trustworthy, reliable, and always on time.

Here is a list of just some of the many janitorial cleaning tasks we perform:


    • • Empty the trash
    • • Disinfect hard surfaces
    • • Vacuum carpets using HEPA certified backpack vacuums
    • • Disinfect and clean bathrooms
    • • Refill dispensers, toilet paper, etc.
    • • Mop hard floors
    • • Clean glass partitions or walls
    • • Wipe down office desks and chairs
    • • Clean employee lunch rooms and/or kitchens
    • • Dusting
  • Create a great lasting impression every day with Clean Green Solutions’ janitorial service. Call (604) 644-8540 to book a free quote or to hire our team of building cleaning experts.


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