Reducing waste can be challenging in an office environment. There is an excessive amount of packaging, printing, and single-use products that are used daily. Without a waste management program and enforcement, office waste can leave a significant environmental footprint, affecting climate change, pollution, and ozone depletion. It is your job as a business owner to take the initiative and set an example for your clients, guests, and staff by minimizing the amount of waste your business makes and establishing a green business plan. As an eco-friendly office cleaning company, green cleaning and sustainable waste management are vital to our philosophy. Here are some helpful tips to create a more sustainable Vancouver office.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There are various ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle at the office. Purchasing office supplies in bulk, opting for refillable products, and setting up a recycling program are easy changes to create a greener workplace. Electronics are the number one item in an office that often ends up in landfills due to uncertainty about how and where to recycle them. Most business owners don’t realize that recycling is usually free of charge, depending on the items.

Purchase Sustainable Products

In a society where consumption is routine, it is essential to choose sustainable products whenever necessary. When purchasing coffee, tea, office supplies, and other commonly used items for the office, it is beneficial to buy sustainable products. Both the manufacturing process and the product require energy; however, sustainable products don’t have the same negative effect on the environment when it comes to production, distribution, and consumption. They need much less energy and must pass strict guidelines to be labeled “sustainable.”

Choose Fairtrade & Organic

Fairtrade supports farmers and workers in countries where our goods come from. They encourage better working conditions and fair pricing and fight for worker’s rights. By purchasing ethically made products, you can run your business with confidence and peace of mind. Fairtrade products include everything from produce to chocolate, coffee, clothing, and textiles.

Buy in Bulk

Purchasing office supplies, cleaning products, business cards, and other items in bulk can help reduce packaging, carbon dioxide emissions, and waste. Buying in bulk is cost-efficient and minimizes the frequency of supply orders.

Avoid Single-Use Products

Single-use products are items that are frequently only used once before being discarded. They are often plastics such as plastic wraps, plastic bags, disposable cutlery, paper towels, coffee pods, straws, bottled water, and coffee cups. Encourage staff to bring their own dishes to work and choose refillable products whenever possible.

Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Solutions for Your Business

Clean Green Solutions is changing how businesses maintain their office with eco-friendly office cleaning services. Their goal is to reduce the impact office cleaning has on the environment by using green-certified cleaning products sustainable practices, and educating their clients and staff. Get professional, quality cleaning without impacting human health and the earth. Visit to learn more and learn how they can help your business stay clean and green.