Hiring a downtown Vancouver office cleaning company is the most affordable and efficient way to keep your building and business clean, however not all office cleaning companies are created equal. Office cleaning in Vancouver is not an easy job, and the difference between mediocre office cleaning companies and exceptional ones can be very tangible. If you are unsure whether the downtown Vancouver office cleaning company that you have been working with is top tier, check out these 5 signs that it may be time to switch to a different office cleaning provider.


Inconsistencies in Cleaning


One of the many perks of hiring a professional office cleaning service is that you should always be able to walk into your building knowing exactly what to expect. When first hiring an office cleaning company you likely agreed to certain terms when signing the contract, and if you notice that these terms are no longer being met or that your office is not consistently being kept to your standards of cleanliness it may be time to move on to a different downtown Vancouver office cleaning company.


Lack of Flexibility


Flexibility in scheduling is paramount when hiring office cleaning companies. Cleaning companies should be able to work around your schedule to ensure your office is clean when you need it to be without interrupting daily operations. If your current company is suddenly no longer flexible that should be a major red flag.


Green Cleaning


Taking care of the environment is more important now than ever before, and there is no reason a cleaning company cannot be using eco-friendly products to achieve the same results they were with more toxic cleaning supplies. Eco office cleaning is the way of the future, and it really isn’t that hard to adopt new Earth-friendly techniques and practices. If your current company has not yet switched over from harmful chemicals or refuses to do so, it is time to move on to a different professional office cleaning service.


Pandemic Adjustments


The world is still in the midst of a global pandemic, and improving and adding additional cleaning and sanitizing techniques is critical for keeping your space clean and your staff safe and healthy as they return to the office after working from home. All cleaning companies should be doing their part to help minimize the transmission of Covid-19 and adjust their cleaning habits accordingly.


If your current professional office cleaning service is showing any of the above four signs, it is time to move on. Lucky for you, Clean Green Solutions is here to fill the void. Our professional staff works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction and always raises the bar in terms of expectations, flexibility, eco office cleaning, and adjusting sanitation practices for the current pandemic. Give our team a call to learn more, request a quote, or switch cleaning companies today!