Although cold and flu season is nearing its end, illness is still possible during summer. Bacteria and germs don’t disappear as soon as the weather gets nicer. Continued vigilance is crucial for a healthy Vancouver workplace. Office sanitization is a hygienic practice that is highly beneficial when incorporated into your business’s daily or weekly cleaning schedule. It should include disinfection of high-traffic areas, shared spaces, and high-touch surfaces. Here are some of the top office sanitization tips we recommend for a healthier workplace.

Make Sanitizing Easy & Efficient

Having cleaning products and supplies readily available around the office improves staff hygiene. Sanitizing wipes are a quick way to disinfect surfaces throughout the day. Touchless sanitizer and soap dispensers reduce touch points and aren’t as messy as manual ones. Keep cleanliness top of mind for staff, customers, and guests by placing signage throughout the office.

Increase Protection During Cold & Flu Season

Sanitization is beneficial throughout the year, especially during cold and flu seasons. Prevent chronic illness and workplace outbreaks from taking over your business by increasing protection with Electrostatic Disinfection/ULV Fogging. This disinfection method covers large surface areas, including hard-to-reach surfaces, and is safe for most surfaces.

Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Company

Hiring professional office cleaners is the best way to ensure a healthy workplace. They are experienced, trained to recognize high-touch surfaces and know which cleaning products are the most effective. Professional cleaners have proper personal protective equipment to prevent workplace safety hazards.

Create A Routine Cleaning Schedule

A detailed office cleaning schedule is ideal for creating consistency. Routine cleaning and sanitizing are critical in offices with many shared spaces. It reduces germs, improves cleanliness, and prevents missed cleaning tasks.

Clean Before Sanitizing

Sanitizing isn’t effective without cleaning first. Cleaning removes dirt and debris, whereas sanitizing kills bacteria and germs. Sanitizing without cleaning spreads the debris around. Get into the habit of dusting, wiping down surfaces with warm, soapy water, then sanitizing (in that order) for best results.

Office Cleaning You Can Rely On

Trust that Clean Green Solutions cleans your office to the highest standard. They aim to ensure your staff, clients, and guests experience a clean, welcoming space. Clean Green Solutions guarantees consistent office cleaning services by assigning the same cleaning crew to clean every time and use a detailed checklist system to prevent shortcuts. They promise to provide honest, reliable, top-quality office cleaning services, so you can focus on growing your business. Contact Clean Green Solutions to request a free in-person quote for your office or commercial space, or visit their website to learn more.