Does your Office Pass the Smell Test?

Keeping your office clean and organized directly affects your office productivity. Making sure that you are focused on work and not on the mess can be a real challenge. Regular cleaning is a big part of keeping your office free of germs and bacteria.

A professional office cleaning service in Vancouver, especially an eco-friendly service like Clean Green Solutions, can come in regularly and do a thorough job. Thoroughness is important because, many times, it is what you don’t see that causes the biggest problem. That is one good reason for our sense of smell. We have an early warning system built in that lets us know that something is not right. We may also be so used to a smell, and after a time, don’t even notice it. But those arriving from elsewhere definitely notice it.

Because our sense of smell is so useful, we have literally been able to survive. Our sense of smell has warned us of danger and guided us toward things we need. In today’s environments, we may associate the smell of a particular chemical with a clean environment, but sometimes that strong cleaning fluid smell can mask odours and be dangerous.

Locating and Eliminating the Office Smell

From abandoned lunches in the frig to old snacks sitting in the trash, these unpleasant office smells can be a distraction. Almost 1/3 of us eat our lunch at our desks. We are so focused on work we may times fail to clean it up and remove the leftovers from the office space. You could open some windows, but it is better to identify the source and eliminate it. By encouraging your team to be conscious of others in the office, you can avoid conflicts involving illness and allergies.

Office kitchens are where many of these distracting odours are born. Office sinks can be nothing short of a temporary catch-all, a staging area for germs. From tea bags to cups of old milk, sinks can stink. Slowed-up drainage can make it even worse. So, remember to flush out the sink with water, pour down a mixture of vinegar and hot water, or pour down some bicarbonate soda, or even just a kettle of boiling water.

Carpets can be a culprit too. Being notorious sources of unspecified smells, from the years of wet weather, who knows what being tracked in, to a forgotten spill, all these things can add up to odour. Vacuum cleaning probably won’t be enough. Sometimes baking soda sprinkled around helps, but eventually, you’ll need a professional job for more persistent odours.

Hire Clean Green Solutions in Vancouver, BC

We have a nose for these things. We’ll come in and clean, sanitize, and disinfect your office, all while keeping your health and that of your staff and clients as our top priority. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and are proud to maintain the highest quality service. We send you a team that is reliable, conscientious, honest, courteous, and conscious of your schedule. We are licensed and bonded and hire only experienced staff with clean background checks.