Summer isn’t the time to reduce cleaning. Establishing a clean, healthy environment for customers and staff throughout the year is essential. An office cleaning schedule is a detailed outline of cleaning tasks to be performed daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It acts as an office cleaning checklist and helps minimize miscommunication. Because cleaning requirements change with the season, it is beneficial to create seasonal cleaning checklists to guarantee cleanliness no matter the season.

Ensures High Cleaning Standard

A thorough office cleaning schedule provides quality cleaning results after every visit. It prevents missed cleaning tasks and establishes a healthy work environment. It is beneficial to regularly update the schedule as office amenities change, staff increase, or there is an office move/relocation. Doing so allows your professional office cleaners to serve your business better and ensure high-traffic areas get the attention they need.

Prevents Illness

Summer may not appear to be flu season, but various viruses are just as present in Vancouver offices during the summer as in winter. Keeping up with cleaning and prioritizing high-touch surfaces is essential for minimizing workplace illness and sick days.

Keeps Critters Away

Lack of cleaning throughout the summer can cause critters to find their way into the office. Neglecting garbage bins, letting crumbs linger, and leaving stale food in the office fridge are bad habits that can create a huge disaster. An office cleaning schedule creates cleaning consistency and prevents attracting unwanted guests.

Prevents Wear & Tear

Regular maintenance is vital for preventing unexpected costly repairs and replacements. Office floors and upholstery are the most susceptible to wear and damage. They require regular cleaning to avoid looking dull and prevent mould and mildew growth. An office cleaning schedule is significant for extending the lifespan of office floors.

Provides Direction for Cleaners

Big office spaces can be challenging to clean with various shared surfaces, nooks, and crannies. An office cleaning checklist provides direction and prevents cleaning tasks from getting missed. A cleaning checklist creates easier delegation when a staff change is necessary by outlining every cleaning task in a line-by-line format to ensure successful results.

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