As summer comes to an end, it is vital to start thinking about fall cleaning. Fall is a busy time at the office, as most people are back from summer holidays and return to their regular routines. Daily cleaning is essential during peak flu season and should be prioritized to reduce illness. Many areas around the office require cleaning in the fall. However, there are five that should not be overlooked.

Office Floors

An increase in rainfall is expected during the fall/winter in downtown Vancouver. Wet shoes, coats, and umbrellas can damage office floors and increase the likelihood of water damage. Prevent mould and mildew growth and the need for repairs/replacement by mopping throughout the day and placing mats in high-traffic areas.

Office Windows

Office windows are also susceptible to water damage. Most businesses get their windows cleaned but forget to wipe window sills and frames. Window frames significantly affect thermal insulation and are the structural integrity of windows. Lack of upkeep can cause black mould and mildew, leaky windows, condensation build-up, and increased heating and cooling costs.

Building Exterior

Exterior building cleaning is not commonly thought of in the fall, but it can protect the exterior from potential winter damage. Pressure washing sidewalks, parking lots, awnings, and building exteriors make existing damage visible, prevent debris from freezing, and deter permanent stains from setting in. Exterior building cleaning is a necessary first step if your business is planning on winterizing asphalt or concrete.

High-Touch Surfaces

Minimize workplace illness by prioritizing high-touch surfaces such as telephones, elevator buttons, office kitchen appliances, door handles, drawers, boardroom remotes, and other frequently touched items around the office. Incorporate office sanitization and disinfection into your office cleaning schedule and hire professional office cleaners to reduce staff workload and guarantee workplace health and cleanliness.

Office Bathrooms

Office bathrooms are germ hotspots all year round that require routine maintenance. An office bathroom cleaning checklist is highly beneficial for ensuring cleanliness and recording cleaning frequency. Create an office hygiene policy to maintain high cleaning standards and prevent bacteria. Pay extra attention to hand dryers, faucets, toilet handles, bathroom stall walls, countertops, and other high-touch surfaces.

Office Cleaning for Every Season

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