At Clean Green we offer commercial Vancouver office cleaning services with a difference. Our clients include any office space which requires cleaning, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you require. For more info on all of our cleaning services, please read on.

In this post we will be looking at what it is that sets Clean Green apart from the rest of our competition, while providing some other key basic info about our service.

Our leading service has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we’ve developed practices that let us offer the very best service to our clients. All our staff are trained to offer customer service, meaning that the same impeccable customer service will be available from any member of our teams, including the cleaners.

Additionally, all of our cleaners are trained, and receive regular training with any new tools, supplies, or equipment. Our professional cleaning staff are always prepared with the very best supplies to carry out any job that you might require help with.

The result of our teams efforts will leave you and your staff with a noticeably cleaner workspace, they know how to find hidden muck and grime, and know how to deal with it. This is sure to have a positive knock on effect with your staff, and while a messy and dirty environment might have the opposite effect, a clean office place is sure to motivate your employees.

Furthermore, by ensuring that your place of work is always clean, you will also offer a more hygienic space for staff, and should even in the long-term benefit from fewer staff being off with sweeping colds, bugs, and other contagious illnesses.

Your bright and gleaming workspace is also likely to have a positive effect on any other visitors that enter your office, whether they’re from head office, or whether they’re suppliers, clients, etc. The first time a visitor enters they are likely to make a first big impression of your place of work, and we don’t need to explain why that’s of importance to any business.


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