When deciding to get your carpets cleaned eventually, it is natural to have a question in your mind, who will do it? Whether I do it myself or shall I choose a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

As per research, a lot of people consider going for both. Let me put in front of you a few facts which will help you to make the right decision.

Why go for a professional cleaning company?


• They are equipped with the latest machinery and techniques to get the toughest jobs done efficiently.
• They can deal with different situations easily as they are experienced.
• They can allocate a dedicated time frame to complete your job.
• The equipment used by professionals are portable and have extraction power.
• They know how to use cleaning agents, and also know the differences in carpet construction and fibers.
• Many cleaning companies work as per your flexible schedules.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Carpet Cleaning?


Do it yourself (DIY) carpet cleaning is like a trial and error method. The main benefit is that you save money on professional carpet cleaning if you do it yourself. You also don’t have to make an appointment and wait for the cleaners to come, which is a nice perk since we all have things going on! You can rent or buy your small steam cleaner, which is great for getting at those more minor stains or areas with lots of foot traffic. However, you might not be able to complete the task as effectively as compared to a professional. Handheld cleaners do not have as much power as professional machines, and if you have a particularly soiled carpet, it may not be as effective as you would like. If you decide to go for DIY, make sure that you fully understand the machine and the process.

It is great to have a handheld steam cleaner around for small areas or stains. However, if you are going all in, it is probably a job for the professionals. If you are looking for high quality, deep carpet cleaning, hiring professionals is the only way to go. Contact Clean Green Solutions to get a free in-person quote now!

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