It’s a fact, dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems.  Scientists believe thousands of dust mites can survive on one ounce of carpet dust and dangerous germs found in carpets can make you sick.

Have you ever noticed dark lines around the walls of your rooms or maybe under a door or even under your furniture? If so, these are not due to the quality of your carpeting. Instead, they are pollutants and dust that accumulate in your carpets and on the fibers of your carpets.

These show up in areas of your home that have a stronger flow of air or even through little cracks under your carpet. Over time, the dust and pollutants build-up, and unfortunately, vacuuming alone won’t take care of the problem.

If you want to remove dangerous bacteria and other pollutants from your carpet, you have two choices: DIY Carpet cleaning and Professional Carpet Cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning can successfully remove about 98%  of dirt and pollutants from your carpets. 

A thorough deep cleaning will not only rejuvenate the look of your carpet but will also leave it smelling fresh, clean, and safe for your health! Contact Clean Green Solutions today to get your carpets professionally done! 

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