Eco friendly office carpet cleaning

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning for Offices & Commercial Spaces

Offices and commercial spaces have a large amount of foot traffic on a regular basis. Carpets easily show wear and tear. They are absorbent and trap dirt, debris, and allergens in their fibres. Regular office floor maintenance is necessary to prevent permanent damage or the need for replacement.

Why You Should Switch to Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Harsh chemicals are present in most commercial carpet cleaning products. Repeated exposure to these powerful chemicals causes harm to human health (ex. respiratory illness, allergies, asthma, and skin irritations), and can degrade carpet fibres over an extended period of time. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning involves high-quality cleaning products that are non-toxic and free of aggressive ingredients. Green cleaning products are just as effective as many of the leading chemical-based…

Summer Office Cleaning

Green Office Cleaning Tips For The Summer

Summer is the best time of year! The nice weather improves mood, boosts productivity, and maximizes efficiency. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of good weather from indoors. Eco-friendly office cleaning in Vancouver is not only beneficial for human health; it is also better for the environment and can assist in lowering office costs. Be greener at the office this summer with these green office cleaning tips.

Let Fresh Air In

Fresh air is great for human health. It improves alertness by increasing oxygen levels, allows for better air circulation, and assists with fending off illness and decreasing stress. It can be difficult to stay focused during the summertime. Encourage employees to take a walk outdoors on their lunch break to improve mood and help stimulate efficiency.

Use Citrus to Mask Odours

Citrus fruits are…

Rodents and pests in the office

Tips for Keeping Rodents and Pests Out of Your Office Kitchen

Office kitchens are the perfect breeding grounds for rodents and pests. Fruit bowls, old food scraps, and neglected crumbs are a few of the many appealing edible items that can be found in an office kitchen. Regular cleaning is a preventative measure that minimizes rodent and pest infestations. Building maintenance is another beneficial measure for fending off critters from finding entry points into your workplace. Here’s what you can do to keep rodents and pests out of your office kitchen.

Take Out the Garbage/Compost Regularly

Garbage and compost bins create unpleasant odours, which can be appealing to rodents and pests. Office spaces range in size, and can have a large number of garbage bins. Forgetting to empty a bin under a desk or not cleaning up after a food or drink spill can lead to lingering critters. Keep unwanted guests…

Missed Cleaning Tasks

Most Common Office Cleaning Tasks That Are Overlooked

Looks can be deceiving. Your workplace may appear to be clean from afar, but there are cleaning tasks that often get overlooked. All businesses need an office cleaning checklist to prevent missed cleaning tasks and ensure a thorough clean. When hiring an office cleaning company, ensure they create a cleaning checklist on day one. When a cleaning company is newly on-boarded, it is a good idea to highlight areas of focus that require extra attention-to-detail, as it can take time for your office cleaners to get accustomed to your workplace. Here are some of the top neglected areas to ensure do not get missed on your next clean.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

Cleaning of light fixtures and ceiling fans is not as frequent, especially in offices that have high ceilings. This is because high surface dusting is not easily accessible …

High Surface Dusting

The Importance of High Surface Dusting

High surface dusting is beneficial for cleanliness, health, and safety. Excessive dust can lead to increased allergies and asthma, create fire hazards, cause poor indoor air quality, allow rodents and pests to infest, and create a negative impression. High surface dusting is not an easy DIY task for your staff. Hire a professional cleaning company to minimize workplace injuries and reduce risk.

How Does High Surface Dusting Work?

High surface dusting involves dusting areas that are difficult to reach. Hiring a cleaning company that has liability and insurance is crucial, as tall ladders and lifts are needed. High surface dusting is beneficial for offices, warehouses, commercial buildings, schools, and other large building facilities.

Areas That Require High Surface Dusting Air ductsCeiling lightsHVAC ventsBeams…
Pandemic office cleaning

Best Post-Pandemic Cleaning Practices

Improved cleaning practices and continued vigilance is important as we head into the future, post-pandemic. We have seen the astounding benefits of frequent cleaning and thorough sanitization/disinfection, and continue to learn more about effective cleaning practices, as cleaning continues to be a priority. Ensure your cleaning doesn’t fall through the cracks again. Establish a healthy environment for your employees, clients, and guests with a sound cleaning schedule.

Quality Matters

Before the pandemic, it was common for businesses to choose a cleaning company based on their budget. If a business had a low budget, they often had to compromise on the quality of their cleaning services. Although the budget is still at the forefront for many businesses, quality now outweighs the price. Businesses are now hiring office…

Commercial cleaning

Top 10 Areas to Clean in A Commercial Space

Cleaning commercial spaces can be overwhelming. An ample amount of foot traffic, public spaces, and high touch points make it difficult to keep up with cleaning. Customer health and safety should be at the forefront to prevent injuries and accidents. Fine tune your commercial cleaning checklist and focus on these top 10 areas for the best clean possible.


Unmaintained floors are the number one culprit for accidents. Choosing commercial floors that are slip-resistant and have good traction is advantageous for preventing slips, trips, and falls. Carpet tile, Quarry or Ceramic Tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Epoxy, Polished Concrete, Hardwood, Laminate, and Rubber are some of the best low maintenance commercial flooring options.

2. High Surfaces

High surfaces should not be overlooked. Dust build-up lowers air quality,…

Deep cleaning services

5 Reasons Why Office Deep Cleaning Services Are Important

Spring is the perfect time for an office deep clean! Daily office cleaning services are not as thorough and detailed as deep cleaning. Every business has unique cleaning needs based on the type of business, the amount of foot traffic, and season. It is beneficial to create a spring cleaning checklist that entails all the areas that are neglected. Most office cleaning companies can help you come up with a checklist based on experience. Below are some of the top neglected areas to add to your next office deep clean.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Baseboard DustingBlind DustingHigh Surface DustingCarpet CleaningWindow CleaningOffice Kitchen Appliance Deep CleaningFloor Stripping & WaxingUpholstery CleaningOffice SanitizationExterior Pressure Washing/Soft WashingGlass CleaningOffice Bathroom Deep Cleaning Benefits…
Recurring office cleaning services

Top 5 Benefits of Recurring Commercial Cleaning Services

Hiring one-time cleaners when your business needs a quick clean may seem like an ideal solution. The truth is, it can actually be quite time consuming and disruptive. Hours spent researching and interviewing potential cleaners, varying costs, and having to fix mistakes made by inexperienced cleaners can cause more disturbances. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for recurring services prevents inconsistent cleaning quality and can often save time and money.

What is Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning involves hiring a cleaning company to maintain a commercial space on a regular basis. This service involves an agreement and a daily, weekly, or monthly payment schedule based on your businesses needs. Commercial cleaners who are hired for recurring cleaning services offer a variety of commercial cleaning services…


How to Effectively Use Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are great for cleaning high touch points and most surfaces. They are quick and easy to use, highly effective when paired with cleaning, and are ideal for many types of hard surfaces. What you probably didn’t know is that there is a right and wrong way to use disinfectant wipes. Here’s what you need to know to effectively clean surfaces.

Use One Wipe Per Area

Most people think it is okay to use a single wipe until it dries out. Doing this allows the spread of bacteria and germs to spread from one area to another by cross-contamination. A better method is to use one wipe per area. For example, if you are cleaning the office kitchen countertop, you should grab another wipe when cleaning the lunch room table.

Don’t Oversaturate

When close to the bottom of the container, disinfectant wipes can be oversaturated in disinfectant…