Workplace hygiene affects employee morale, safety, and productivity. Working in a clean, hygienic environment creates a positive brand image and adds to the success of a business by minimizing employee retention. Daily cleaning keeps staff healthy and creates a positive working environment. Set your business up for success in the New Year by implementing and enforcing a hygiene policy. Here are some of the top hygiene practices we recommend.

Encourage Cleaning Up After Use

Keeping your workplace clean and organized prevents wear and tear and minimizes the amount of bacteria and germs. Cleaning up after use is especially important in a high-traffic office or commercial space with many high-touch points. An orderly workspace improves focus and mental health and contributes to happier employees.

Frequently Clean Office Fridges

Office fridges are one of the dirtiest hotspots that are often missed when cleaning or cleaned infrequently. Severe neglect can increase food-borne illness and cross contamination, and cause chronic illness. Weekly fridge cleaning and occasional deep cleaning is recommended.

Provide Cleaning Supplies

Making cleaning supplies readily available for staff encourages a clean workplace. Strategically placing disinfecting wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, and other commonly used cleaning supplies will make cleaning less of a chore and more of a habit.

Routine Bathroom Maintenance

Workplace bathrooms are another germ hotspot that requires routine maintenance. Dirty bathrooms contribute to a bad reputation and reflect poorly on quality standards. Extreme neglect could deter clients from using your services and reflect poorly on management. Frequent upkeep reduces bacteria and creates a more inviting space. Pay extra attention to bathroom countertops, toilets and sinks, and garbage cans, as they are some of the first things people notice.

High Touch-Point Cleaning

Cleaning frequency should be more frequent in busy workplaces such as office buildings, retail stores, law firms, and educational institutions. High touch-point cleaning is advantageous in high-traffic areas and can help minimize the spread of bacteria and germs. Routine cleaning contributes to fewer sick days and enhances workplace health.

Start the New Year Off Right With Clean Green Solutions

Maintain a high level of cleanliness at your workplace with eco-friendly office cleaning services. Clean Green Solutions will come down to your Vancouver office space and do an extensive walk-through with someone from your business to ensure an accurate and detailed office cleaning quote. Your business will be assigned with a dedicated cleaner and another walk-through with your office cleaner will be performed to ensure your business’s cleaning needs are addressed. An office cleaning checklist will be used at every visit to ensure no cleaning tasks are ever missed and to provide consistency. Whether you need daily office cleaning services or require special one-time cleaning requests, Clean Green Solutions has the experience and team to tackle any of your cleaning needs. Contact Clean Green Solutions today to get started!