Reasons You Should Choose a Vancouver Office Cleaning Company Over a Contractor

There are many reasons. But first, we should mention that the need for cleaning services has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Deciding that you need one is merely the first step. Once that’s been established, you should find a service that matches your needs. When we compare office cleaning companies to independent office cleaners, the benefits and drawbacks become clear and will help you make a decision that is right for you.

First, you have a much better chance of finding a dependable and predictable service if you choose a cleaning company over an independent contractor. If, for instance, you have an issue that needs to be dealt with, you have a much better chance of resolving it with a cleaning company. Also, there are rigorous standards that cleaning companies establish for a more structured approach that assures consistent quality.

At Clean Green Solutions we are not only interested in making sure that you are satisfied, but we are also always available, and our communications are efficient and responsive. With a cleaning company like Clean Green Solutions, you can reach us when you need to, and not wait to hear back. We know that a lack of communication can mean an unsatisfactory experience.

If you hire a reputable Vancouver office cleaning company like Clean Green Solutions, you don’t run the risk of a non-licensed contractor. Clean Green Solutions is licensed, insured, and certified. We also clean with non-toxic, eco-friendly detergent. Getting it clean does not mean toxic.

Hiring an Office Cleaning Company

If you are looking for consistency and predictability, and who isn’t, hiring a cleaning company is the way to go. Over time, your office cleaning company can get to know your space, its special needs, and the important details. For ongoing services, a cleaning company is best. Regular cleaning boosts morale and maintains a clean and orderly impression.

Clean Green Solutions creates a tailored cleaning schedule. We base it on our initial walk-through. Your needs and your space determine our service. When you hire a professional Cleaning Company like Clean Green Solutions, your requirements determine the quantity and type of supplies that we order. Most independent contractors aren’t set up for that. This means that you can get a better clean.

In addition, we have full-service capabilities. We are prepared for a large variety of situations and sizes of jobs.

Hiring an Independent Contractor

Basically, an independent office contractor is not just focused on your space and your job, they are focused on many and so may have less commitment than an employee. You may save money, but you do get what you pay for.

A major issue regarding an independent cleaning contractor is what the worker does exactly, and how he does it. There is no standard or structure that the independent contractor must follow.

Independent contractors do not have essential rights and benefits and so the customers are at great legal and personal risk.

Contact Clean Green Solutions

In Vancouver, you simply cannot find a more consistently professional and experienced office cleaning company. We are the budget-friendly, conscientious, and most reliable cleaning company in Vancouver. Remember, our walkthrough establishes your unique cleaning needs. We will estimate your job for free. A Cleaning Company is the way to go, and Clean Green Solutions is the best choice. We don’t just clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space or office, we do it while being friendly to you and the environment.


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