In this week’s post, we’ll be taking a close look at the Clean Green Vancouver office cleaning service, and why we’re the best in the business. But first of all, why is office cleaning so important for your business?

There are numerous different reasons that cleaning is important. One consideration that might often be overlooked is the link between proper cleaning and health and hygiene. We all know how quickly one illness can sweep through a workforce when staff are working in close proximity.

The most effective way to prevent the spread of bugs and colds around the office is to ensure that all tables, surfaces, and even door handles, telephone handsets, railings, and any other frequently touched surface is regularly and thoroughly cleaned. Our staff are trained to leave no stone unturned to leave your environment in an immaculate condition.

In order to offer the very best results and consistency each and every time we arrive to service a client, we follow our six-step programme. This involves ensuring that all our staff are background checked, as well as fully trained in cleaning and customer service.

Unlike other companies, at Clean Green, we will ensure that the same cleaning team arrives each time. This allows our staff to get to know the location and become specialized within your place of work. It’s also nice that you will recognize your regular cleaning crew.

Our cleaning crews will arrive promptly and are always punctual. They will work with a custom-made checklist made especially for your office, with each job that needs to be completed Meaning that no corners are ever cut. Last but not least we make use of eco-friendly products and supplies for every clean.  

So why else is cleaning so important in your place of work? Besides hygiene, a clean and tidy workplace will also have a big effect on staff morale and motivation. Plus, mess and clutter can actually get in the way of staff trying to work.

From an outside point of view, cleaning is also important for the reputation of your business. This applies to the first impression that any visitors will have of you and your business. While cleaning may seem basic, it is also absolutely essential.


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