Carpets are now widely used in homes and offices. It provides a nice classy feel to surrounding areas and it serves as a comfortable fit for anyone’s property. However, many homeowners do not know how to maintain the cleanliness of carpets.

Here at Clean Green Vancouver, we offer the best carpet cleaning services which will suit your needs. We make sure that home and office carpets are kept at their best standard quality by ensuring that every bit of dirt is eliminated. Carpets are very susceptible to dust and dirt particles and most of the time, these are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is important that regular vacuuming practices are conducted effectively.

Carpet cleaning should always begin with vacuuming dirt and Clean Green Vancouver suggests that vacuums should be set on its middle range to avoid damaging the roller brush and drive belt. Vacuums should also not be set too high because it won’t be able to pick up any dirt. Clean Green Vancouver cleaners make it a point that vacuums are set to its ideal height for best cleaning outcomes. Vacuuming is an easy process that should be done at least twice a week to clean out as much dirt as possible.

Home remedy carpet cleaning also works effectively but sometimes, you still need to hire professional cleaners to make sure that you are doing it right. Clean Green Vancouver doesn’t only use vacuums for the cleaning process. Cleaners also work to pre-treat stains and high-traffic areas by spraying detergent with hot water on the dirtiest areas of the carpet. This pre-treatment will allow the dirt to be easily extracted during the general cleaning method.

The best way to finish the carpet cleaning procedure is to rinse the entire carpet with a neutralizing solution that consists of soap and water. Clean Green Vancouver suggests that the cleaners should make only one pass of the solution before letting it dry thoroughly. Owners and visitors are urged to avoid stepping or walking over the carpet until it is completely dry. Windows should be opened, or a fan could be used, expedite the drying process.


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