It’s no secret that cleaning can be a chore, and even after the typical window washing, dusting and vacuuming, there are inevitably several areas around the workplace that get overlooked. While they may not get noticed by those who work in the environment every day, chances are they’ll be glaringly obvious to guests and potential customers who visit, leaving a poor impression.

Whether you do it yourself or hire cleaning services, here are the places that are frequently missed while cleaning your office. Take a few minutes to print this list, and then walk around your business to check the following areas that likely need a deeper cleaning.

Office chairs

The base and castors of most office chairs easily become filthy due to debris and salt on the bottom of shoes.

Picture frames

Grimy film or fingerprints need to be wiped away. Run a cloth across the top of picture frames to remove the dust.

 Behind printers and copy machines

Clean behind and under these machines. Further, smudges on the glass also need to be wiped or else they will leave your copies looking unprofessional.

 Office kitchen

Dare to look behind the refrigerator or under the microwave.


Over the winter months, heating systems are in constant use, causing dust, allergens and other particles to adhere to heating vents and cold air exchange intakes.


Run your finger on top of baseboards and countertop backsplashes. Are they clean? It only takes a moment to run a damp cloth over baseboards, but it can go a long way towards getting your office truly clean.

Ceiling fans

The blades of your ceiling fan can collect dust and dirt, especially when they’re sitting idle for long periods of time. Any dust or particles in the air can stick to fan blades like glue, creating a swirling grimy eyesore.

 Switch plates and door knobs

These are one of the most commonly touched items in a workplace; they need to be wiped down regularly. Research shows that contamination of just a single doorknob can help spread germs to an entire office within hours.

Office Plants

Don’t let cobwebs build up on your greenery. Remove dead or dying leaves on a regular basis to keep your plans looking healthy and fresh.

Consider letting a commercial cleaning service do the dirty work for you by performing a deep cleaning of your workplace and then keeping it spic and span with a routine cleaning schedule. Contact the professionals at Clean Green Solutions for a free quote.


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