Have you ever wondered why spring is the season of cleaning?

Winter has come to an end and has left a lingering residue from rain and snow. As spring progresses, pollen and sap collect on exterior surfaces, causing a sticky and unattractive coating of grime. Sediment buildup can be especially off-putting when sunlight hits your commercial building on a bright spring day.

The Benefits of Office Window Cleaning?

Clean windows improve the appearance of your commercial building, especially when located on the ground floor. Dirty windows can deter potential customers. Maintaining curb appeal and establishing positive initial impressions is critical.

Lack of light has been proven to have negative effects on mood and productivity. Clean windows help maximize indoor light during Vancouver’s rainiest season and prevent an unwelcoming working environment. Improving natural light and the clarity of your views will enhance both customer satisfaction and employee morale.

The health of your building’s occupants should be prioritized. Maintaining clean windows ensures indoor air is free of harmful contaminants and bothersome spring allergens. 

When considering all of the above, the benefits of regular window cleaning cannot be denied. By maintaining your commercial windows, you will maximize lifespan and prevent damage.

How Often Should  Business Windows Be Cleaned?

The frequency at which you should clean your windows depends mostly on the location of your business. As a good rule of thumb, cleaning once every three months should keep your windows sparkling. However, if there is heavy pollen or pollution in your area, windows may need to be cleaned more frequently.

The material of your commercial windows and frames should also be considered. In Vancouver, wooden window frames are common and are susceptible to mould and mildew. They require frequent wipe-downs to avoid damage. Windows or frames with intricate designs may require more precise care so dirt and debris don’t accumulate and cause deterioration of details.

Why You Should Consider A Commercial Window Cleaning Service?

Streak-free and spotless window cleaning can be challenging to accomplish on your own. Take the worry, hassle, and stress out of maintaining your windows by hiring a commercial window cleaning company. 

In addition to keeping your business windows gleaming, a commercial cleaning company can also help extend the life of your windows. Experienced window cleaning experts inspect windows for damage while cleaning to prevent small issues before they become bigger ones.

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