Spring is just around the corner! There’s no better time for an office deep clean. Begin by making a cleaning list and include areas that aren’t routinely cleaned every week. Prioritize high-touch surfaces, office equipment/appliances, commercial floors, windows/glass, vents, and hard-to-reach surfaces. Getting a head start on spring cleaning will minimize stress and set your business up for success. 

High-Touch Points

Office sanitization is beneficial for eliminating bacteria and germs that are left over from the winter. Sanitization is crucial, as cold and flu season seems to get longer every year. High-touch point cleaning involves detailed cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. It prevents germs from spreading in high-traffic offices and assists in decreasing employee sick days.

Office Equipment/Appliances

Office equipment/appliances are often missed when cleaning. They are high-touch surfaces that harbour bacteria and germs. Routine cleaning and maintenance are essential for equipment/appliances to work efficiently. Because they are electronics, it is ideal to use limited water/cleaning products and avoid over-saturation when cleaning. 

Commercial Floors

Although vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are part of daily office cleaning services, commercial floors require additional care. Floor polishing, stripping, and waxing, carpet steam cleaning, and marble honing are essential for preventing wear and tear and maximizing lifespan. The type of floor care required depends on the type of flooring material. Clean Green Solutions’ experienced floor cleaning professionals can help you determine which method of floor care is best by performing a floor assessment.

Office Windows/Glass

Dirty windows and glass can create a negative first impression and cause distractions. Professional window cleaning can reduce workplace safety hazards and minimize damage caused by inexperience. Spring is the perfect time to schedule commercial window cleaning services, as the temperatures are moderate and overcast conditions provide excellent visibility.


Spring can cause an uptick in allergies. It is critical to keep vents dust-free to avoid chronic workplace illness. Increased illness reduces morale and productivity, and greatly affects staff turnover. Most office cleaning companies will only clean floor vents, as they are not professionally trained to clean HVAC systems, so you may need to look into hiring an HVAC maintenance company.

High Surfaces

Bookshelves, shelves, ceiling fans, beams, light fixtures, and other high surfaces accumulate dust and can negatively affect indoor air quality. Tall ladders and safety gear are recommended when cleaning high surfaces. Leaving high surface dusting up to office cleaning professionals is best. 

Office Upholstery 

Office upholstery may not appear dirty on the surface but their fibres are full of dust, allergens, and bacteria. Upholstery steam cleaning is recommended for deep cleaning office furniture, removing stains, and eliminating odours. 

Go Green With Clean Green Solutions

Create a clean, green workplace this spring with Clean Green Solutions’ eco-friendly office cleaning services. Their green cleaning products are non-toxic, safe, and effective, so you can rest assured your office is clean without harming your staff, clients, or office pets. As a green-certified business, Clean Green Solutions is implementing more than eco-friendly cleaning products. They are also incorporating green practices into their daily office cleaning to reduce their environmental impact. Want to learn more? Visit www.cleangreenvancouver.ca!