Are you struggling to maintain your commercial building or spending too much time finding the right cleaning frequency? Setting up recurring cleaning services is a simple solution that can help you combat these common business issues. 

It may be surprising to hear that commercial cleaning can have such a big impact on a building, but the benefits that a consistent cleaning schedule offers a business are invaluable.

What is Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning is often referred to as commercial building maintenance, janitorial services, or building cleaning. It involves a regular schedule and occurs on a more frequent basis in comparison to other cleaning services. Setting up a building cleaning schedule helps prevent the build-up of dirt and clutter that commonly occurs in commercial buildings. Hiring a commercial cleaning company ensures a deeper clean than relying on your own efforts.  

Recurring Cleaning Minimizes Safety Hazards

Safety is paramount in buildings with heavy foot traffic. Using signage, placing mats near entryways, and keeping public areas clean and clear of dust, debris, wet shoes, and spills are best practices. Providing thorough cleaning for your commercial building by setting up a recurring cleaning schedule helps minimize safety hazards including slips, trips, falls, rodents and pests, and cross-contamination.

Recurring Cleaning Improves Health

Reduced stress isn’t the only health benefit that comes with recurring cleaning; a clean, hygienic commercial building also helps eliminate harmful bacteria and allergens that can cause illness. Don’t let dust, airborne illness, and germs build up and cause commercial tenants and the public to get sick. Instead, take advantage of the security and prevention that consistent cleaning provides your building. 

Recurring Cleaning Saves Time and Money

Clean surroundings are beneficial for health and safety and provide peace of mind. With recurring cleaning, you set a schedule, then sit back and relax, while letting commercial cleaning professionals take on daily upkeep and maintenance. Hiring a commercial cleaning service frees up time for building owners/managers to spend on important tasks. 

In addition to saving time, consistent cleaning also helps save money. Recurring cleaning helps increase the longevity of your building, furnishings, and commercial floors, reducing the need to spend money on building renovations and repairs. 

Ensure your building is well maintained to stay relevant to competition, adhere to public health and safety guidelines, and avoid repairs.

Make cleaning an easy task by hiring Clean Green Solutions for your commercial cleaning needs. Remove the stress and hassle from cleaning by setting up a recurring cleaning schedule today. Contact their team at 604-644-8540 for a free in-person quote for your office building or commercial space.